What a Memory

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How no matter how long she is gone those memories still live on

What A Memory

What a sad day it was for me on that day you depart
There was no doubt it felt like an explosion in my heart
But in that sadness there was that inner joy and beam of pride
Know that I had you as mentor, teacher, confidante and guide

How through those moments of defiance the product of adolescence
You were still so generous with love, advice and such patience
And in those instances when I made such heart break mistakes
There was no show of anger but keep such fortitude in the wake

Then as time progressed and in maturity I then come to understand
In those moments you were not anyway enforcing any power or a heavy hand
But just that preparation so that I can acquire life’s skills for those circumstances
When I have to either cower or stand tall when faced with any challenges

But there was one thing that you definitely enforce as a rule
That I had to attend and do it regularly and that was school
Kept saying that in no certain term that having a good education
Is that medicine that has a lifelong series of dispensation?

Also too had that feeling that there should be some form of relaxation
So would recommend some form of hobby or any type of recreation
Those days my competitive spirit would be fueled by your zeal
When I took my batting stance or was someplace on the cricket field

Today as I while taking a break from my profession
One that bring me joy as on the people faces I see that satisfaction
How you always tell me that if in it I do not feel that resource
That don’t delay chart in my life some other course

So as that dawn of another mother’s day is near and here
You have departed to much greener pastures over there
There is no doubt that Paradise has been very well blessed
To have you there to this I can very well attest


Beam, Compass, Devout, Light, Love, Mentor, Radar

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th May 2014 (#)

Lives that touch others and leave a positive impression - Good poem - siva

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
11th May 2014 (#)

Quite touching

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