What a dreadful coming-back-home situation!

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An eccentric mind after a good dash of slosh comes back home in the most sloppy way , faces little bit and ceases to sleep but eventually understands the irrelevance of it.

An usual hour to come back from office on a day like Friday.....

0030 Hours
The moment the door opened the yell started with a bang coming straight into the ear drum... although not a perfect one but resembled to be a perfect synchronization of the door opening and the ear drum blaring..
It was horrible , it was too achy, since the voice was shrill it was really stinging.
Few seconds for just settling down to know what has gone wrong , what could be the reason for so much of hue and cry , why the mind is taking so much? ...Though the reason came out quite frequently in the statements being thrown but in vain, since mind was in a shift for a bit hence took time to react to the situation.
Even though eyes are droopy and mind is hallucinating but not necessary that every time eyes are droopy mind is hallucinating...
This time the droopy eyes and the hallucination equation is just fitting right with the situation and have nothing to say beyond.
One after another mannerisms coming out into the scene and every bit of it is just fitting into the equation and the end result in coming out the same...
Mind is hallucinating!
it seems the equation would advance on to the next line but unfortunately never the end result could be differed...
Indeed Mind is hallucinating.
Even After knowing the reason although with a complete "cant-do-anything" attitude mind just refused to take any more and gradually ceases to sleep unlike a famous saying A well spent day brings happy sleep.

1130 hours the next day
The day starts with a run-of-the-mill headache.
In fact the pain ceases to an abstract concept like a nagging girlfriend persistently begging for some or the other thing.
The headache ensures a subsequent decrease in the need of being drugged and comprehends one thing that
"I myself shouldn't really have an active role in my own addict life"


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