What are you doing here?

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What are you doing here? is this they place of that a person with your standards should be living, running away from a situation will not bring any comfort, you may put distance between you and the assailant, but the fear of losing will haunt you.

I would like to hear Elijah pray again

How did you get in here? You are like somebody who is coming out of the wilderness, and you are now living in a cave, the same cave that Moses was told to go into, Moses had a shelter in the rock and was it was a fitting place for him to view the goodness and glory of God. The rock in Horeb was typical of Christ the Rock;
God is now telling Elijah to get out of the cave and stand upon the rock. Stone age men would come out of their cave to hunt for food, risking their lives against saber tooth tigers, the Jewish historian Josephus said the early Christians were persecuted for their faith, because they turned the world upside-down for the God that they believed in, they traveled far and near and were eventually scattered all over the world.
The whole world has seemed to be a boiling cauldron belching out new trouble with every bubble. True godliness is on the decline, men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil, they want a preacher to tell them nice things that they want to hear, but life is not always about having nice things, we must taste some bitter herbs sometimes, it will help to purge out the contamination from our system.
Many pulpits of the land are occupied by prosperity preaching infidels, and backsliders whose righteousness resembles that of the ancient sects known as scribes and Pharisees. In a business world you can be voted off the management committee if the shareholders see that the company is not running in the right direction and it is making a loss, accountability is required, the company will not continue to suffer the loses, because sooner or later it will fold, and redundancies are inevitable.
But in churches we put up with second class performance, hap hazard plans, and minimal contribution and very little commitment.
Some of the Lord's bitterest enemies are among those who claim to be of His own household, they profess to having a relationship but in reality they have not been born again, nor do they understand the concept of been a servant before God, Elijah understood the concept, but he was a long way from home when God ask him what he was doing in another foreign place.
How difficult was it to resist the threat of Jezebel? Did he had to run away?

God's Question to Elijah
Read God's question two ways: First, "What doest thou here, Elijah?" You, the foil of Ahab and the frustration of Jezebel, God's champion on Mount Carmel, "the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof." And, "What doest thou here, Elijah?" What can you accomplish the task I have set you in this place, and in this frame of mind?

Would not God question us in this same way? We profess that faith which "is the victory that over comes the world." We claim identity with the relationship with the church which over the years has changed the course of world history,
And alliance with God has given success. We claim victory over the enemy’s territory, taking back what the devil has stolen, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of stronghold. Taking the oversight thereof not by constraint but willingly, not of filthy lucre but of a ready mind.
The battle is the Lords, and he is asking portent questions about our battle strategy he has never lost a battle, the fiery trials we face is a test of our faith, to see if we can hold our nerves. What do us here in despondency? "For God gave us not a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7).

Elijah needed God's Encouragement
Elijah needed three things to remove him from the cave: First, he needed a revelation of God. It is the same such a revelation that each of us needs -not a literal miraculous vision, but a vision of God by faith.
Despondency is weak faith; it is losing sight of "God amid the shadows of the world with all its follies; it is forgetting that "the Most High ruled in the kingdoms of men and gives it to whomsoever he wills. We must endure as seeing Him that is invisible.
Elijah needed a vision of fellowship
Elijah also needed a better understanding of fellowship with others. He was not, as he supposed, alone. He was one of seven thousand who had not "bowed the knees unto Baal."
There are numberless believers ones scattered throughout Yorkshire, people who are relatively unknown, yet they are courageous letting their lights shine in some of the darkest parts of our community,
How many saints there are who may be alone in their own world, but who in the Lord are joined hand in hand with "the family of Gods, in heaven and on earth.
Elijah needed reassurance that God was still with him
He desperately needed a renewal and reminder of the fervency of victory, over Baal and of his important role in it. He was a disillusioned, discouraged, despondent, and this was a major part of his problem. Enthusiasm and optimism go hand in hand.
The zeal of the Galilean disciples was unbounded while they had visions of Jesus sitting on a throne in Jerusalem, but when His death dashed their hopes, they were consumed with disillusionment, explaining:
The most sacrificial and passionate efforts of world evangelism were in times when men possessed a vision of a world "full of the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters cover the sea.
But some have about decided that these things will never be. The church of our generation is an old man who has learned that the visions of youth are unrealistic. But if the Spirit of the life of Christ be in you, the body is dead, but God is alive in you, and old men will dream dreams, and young men see vision. They will dream of battles to be won, of conquest and victory in the name of the Lord.

God's Commission to Elijah
God will not be defeated by our weak replies, each time Elijah complained, God's response was, "Go!" He instructed him to anoint a new king over Israel, to appoint a new king over the enemy of Israel and to prepare Elisha to be prophet in his stead. "Go," says the Lord to us - "All authority has been given unto you, make your calling an election sure, secure the boundaries, redouble your efforts it’s time to renew your allegiance to God.


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