What attacked Captain Miauli's ship?

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While on their way to Music Island, Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird seem to have their ship attacked by something unknown! Are they in danger now?

Something seems to attack Captain Miauli's ship

Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird are singing happily on Miauli's ship.

They are on their way to Music Island. Veertjies has told Miauli about this island, and Miauli, always looking for interesting and exotic placed to sail to, decided to set sail for Music Island.

They seem to be enjoying sailing, and sing along happily.

But that is only until suddenly there's a huge crash. What has happend now?

The ship seems to still be floating.

So what hit them? Or did they hit something?

This is very strange for Miauli. There is no land close by, so they couldn't have run aground.

There is also no storm going on, obviously. The weather is just fine.

So what on earth bumped their ship and made it sway violently?

While they are still wondering what it could have been, suddenly it happens again! Their ship seems to bump into something, but again, what could it be, seeing as they are in the open sea?

It must be something under the surface of the water.

If only Veertjies' wing wasn't sore, he would have flown up and flown around to have a look. But as it is, he doesn't want to strain his wing.

But when it happens again, Veertjies decides to just tough it out and go and scout the area from the sky. If this continues, they might end up with a sinking ship. Not to mention all this bumping of the ship could throw them off their feet, and they might fall and get severely injured.

So, with all his might, Veertjies flies up into the air. When he's up quite high, Miauli shouts to him, asking him what he can see.

But nope, Veertjies doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. All he sees is calm ocean around them. Now this is very odd. VIEW THIS CHAPTER IN VIDEO FORMAT


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author avatar Miauli
I was a sea captain but have since settled on an island called Music Island where I met a lot of new friends that I have wonderful adventures with.

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