What being positive means nowadays

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To smile or not to smile in today´s world is a way to be taken as a positive person or not, which means to agree with whatever they want to throw at us.

What being positive means nowadays

It´s what Barbara Ehrenreich wrote in her best selling book entitled "Smile or die" and she rgihtly points out what has fooled America and the world. .
According to politicians of all sorts or employers, being positive means smiling at all times whether there´s a reason to smile or not.
If for any reason, we aren´t happy with a specific situation in the workplace, we aren´t to frown or moan, but we´re to smile. Otherwise, they´ll tell us that we´ve to brighten up our life or that we aren´t being positive.
Dare to ask them for a pay rise or for the remaining holidays before the year is over. They´ll tell us that we aren´t being understanding or positive.
As the author tells us, she´d like to be able to smile more often, but the problem is that, nowadays, there´re very few reasons to smile spontaneously and wishing to smile.
How are we going to smile if we´ve been made redundant and we´ve few chances to find another job?
How are we going to show a genuine smile, seening what we see around during a daily stroll?
How are we going to smile when we see that governments, following the financial markets plans, want to dismantle our Welfare State?
I agree with her that there´re very few things around to put a good smile on the face.
Therefore, this idea about being positive at all costs is a pretty a hypocrite one, I´d say.
I smile when I´ve a good reason to smile. I won´t be one to swallow with whatever an employer wants to throw at me -I know my rights and duties on a given job. If they tell me I´m entitled to this or that, I, then, want it.
I´m not one to see good things in everything or everybody. In every task we deal with, there´re pros and cons and I won´t deny the cons. However, when it comes to sort out a problem, I´ll make it a priority after having given a thought and I´ll try to sort it out no matter how long it takes or what I have to do.
The rest, or what they want to impose on us, is faked positive thinking; the one that as the author points out fooled America and the world and that´s why she tells us smile or die.
You´ve reasons to smile and to be glad, if you´ve a home and food on the plate. Yeah right! But isn´t it terrible to have to find consolation in the fact that others may be worse off than we are?

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14th Jun 2014 (#)

Good post. Sage advice.

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