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This is my own unbiased opinion about our country's government and its political leaders, I am just a neutral party, and I don't take side with either the citizens or the government.

The Government

Our country has a Republic Government ; it has a president, representatives, and democratic republic where the president is both the head of state and the head of the government. The government has three interdependent branches: the Executive Branch, which the President have power, Legislative branch where the Senators and Representatives are in control and the last one is the Judicial Branch where the Supreme Court and lower courts are in charge, there are also small branches and offices that help operate the government. The real problem is the people that are seated in power that runs the government itself.

Political Leaders

The people who are seated at the government are the political leaders that should serve our country, but what happens when they are blinded with greed and corruption? What then? They just ignored and turned a blind eye to the citizens that gave them their position and power by using the taxes that people payed, sacrificed, bled, sweat, and hard work for their own personal agenda, can a government official saved a million or more than in 1 year salary time? I don't think so, it is realistically impossible, because they also have tax payment obligation just like all of the working class citizens of the country. I know political leaders are well educated and they have many achievements in their lives but in-front of money; they are just ordinary humans with desires just like us. I'm ashamed of the people running the government, which is why my country is still in the third world.

People condemned the President

Why condemned only the president? Is he the only one running the government? I think people is also blind, they just ignored the real culprits of corruptions and blamed only one. If they want the president to step down on his position, then what will happen? Corruption will stop and the government will now run smoothly? It is still impossible in realistic way. When the president is appointed, the majority of the people who voted for him put him in his position now and now they are against him, condemning him for all the bad things that happened in the country. They voted for him because they trusted him to be the leader of the country and now he is their enemy. They haven't even appreciated the good things that the president has done for the country this passing year that he served the country, honestly for me; he has done good things more than his predecessors have to improve the country. Humans surely are sophisticated species and I don't understand why.

The Country's progress

Progress in our country is very minimal and barely visible, why is that? The government has the entire budget for the improvement of the country's economic status. It is the taxes the people payed to the government. Every year there are specific amount of budget allocated for all the government offices and their branches to help improve the infrastructures, agriculture, education, commercial, tourism and many more. The question that citizens are asking is where is the budget? I think we have enough budgets for a year to improve the economic status of the country but the people that received the budget used it for their own agenda. Why? They are greedy for money and abusing their power in the government. The citizens knows it well as I do, but they just condemned the wrong person and not the true ones that lurks in the shadows still corrupt and have no conscience on what they have done to the government and country.

The Reality

As an ordinary citizen living in the country, I just stated my own opinion and feelings on the topic, because I know I can't do anything about the situation about our government, I just want to share it with everybody. I also want to know what you think about your government.

The country I'm talking about is in South East Asia and It is called Philippines.

Thank you very much for reading.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
13th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for coming out with your views about the current situations obtaining in your country. Your opinion should have been more valid if you've mustered enough courage to identity your country.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
14th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for your concern Mr. n.c radomes, I recently got the permission to specify the country. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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author avatar Retired
14th May 2015 (#)

It is interesting what you say about the Philippines. Let us hear more about the people and the government of your country.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
14th May 2015 (#)

Thank you very much LeRain, I will gladly oblige with your request. I will publish more about the topic in due time.

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author avatar Nancy Austin
5th Jun 2015 (#)

People need to remember government is run by human beings and we tend to have our flaws.

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