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This essay is about the virtue of altruism and the vital role played by dissenters.

Altruism and Dissent

Altruism is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Behaviors like altruism exist because the needs of both the society and individuals exist. Factors do not decide anyone to be altruistic, but personalities do. Social, religious and cultural factors are not influential to the altruistic people. Passionate, enthusiastic and helpful people will not change their perspective to offer help.

Dissent is a sentiment or philosophy of non-agreement or opposition to a prevailing idea. Several thinkers have argued that a healthy society needs not only to protect, but also to encourage dissent.

The virtue of altruism leads a man to think differently. His perspective changes from me to you and finally to us. ``Therefore, an altruism that consumes his enemy, selfishness. In so doing, virtue is consuming vice: virtue is eating that which pulls us away from God, from others, from ourselves and removes the vice from arena. The selfishness is entirely consumed by altruism``. (Ozinga, 133).

Dissent is vital in making suitable decisions. Contrary to dissent is conformity. As this is an easy and a safe so most people opt for it. However, conformity gives us a basis from which to make decisions, but at the same time, may lead to bad decisions when information is withheld to challenge the consensus. This flexibility allows for survival and growth, whereas rigid inability to change reaps nothing. `` Decision-making groups in organizations are often expected to function as a “think tank” and to perform “reality testing” to detect the best alternative. A biased search for information supporting the group's favored alternative impairs a group's ability to fulfill these requirements``. (Schulz-Hardt, volume 88)

A conscientious person will exhibit the qualities of altruism and dissent where necessary. As a responsible citizen he is expected to show chivalry towards his fellow beings and also to raise his voice for a better world. Personal conviction deeply affects these two traits. Since these actions involve risk and no reward, usually. Hence it’s only the inner driving force which compels a man to be an altruistic and a dissenter.


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