What if we get it here?

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Why I think that Spain´s Christmas lottery looks like a scam, even though, it is not and from this year, it won´t be tax free anymore.

What if we get it here?

The poster illustrating this is one is to advertise the Christmas lottery sales in Spain. They´ve used Father Christmas´s image to refer to the biggest prize of them all, asking shoppers "What if we get it here?"
The Christmas lottery draw is the biggest one in the year and the one that seems to carry more money prizes. Well before we step into December, there´re already be long queues at lottery sellers. Some lottery sellers will be in the streets chanting their lucky numbers, trying to sell as many tickets as possible, because this is their living round the year.
On Sunday, December 22, the lottery mantra will be heard everywhere till one gets fed up with these children in charge of chanting all the numbers until one switches off the radio or TV.
These children are in a school for orphan children and only the very best of them are chosen for this job year in and year out. I guess they may be these who excel in arithmetic and maths and have a clear voice to keep up the whole of the morning, chanting numbers away -thirty five thousand and five hundred... twenty five thousand Euro! This will be their chant.
After the draw, all TV news reporters will be showing us how those lucky ones make fools of themselves in front of the camera -uncorking champagne bottles to shower everyone in the streets, yelling or jumping.
The shop or seller who has happened to sell the fat prize will be doubly lucky, having more shoppers during the year as everyone wishes to be touched by Mother Fortune. However, if the draw ends and the fat prize hasn´t come up, guess who´s going to get it! It goes to the Ministry of Finance in full.
Lottery prizes that everyone wishes to get to pay mortgages or rent arrears and clear off debts. My mother used to say that if playing lottery out of sheer need, one´s condemned to lose. I quite agree. The best lottery for everyone is having a job with a decent salary that keeps us the year round and beyond.
However, on this year, there´ll be something new as regards Christmas lottery prizes: it´ll be the first one in which these prizes won´t be tax free! I´ll like seeing these lucky people´s face when having achieved a good pinch, they´ll have to share it with the Ministry of Finance!
Do I buy lottery? No, I don´t. My mother was right. To be lucky you´ve to spend a good amount of money, buying different tickets. Otherwise, one´s condemned to lose. That´s why I think that it isn´t a scam, but it quite looks like it.

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