What is "Citizen Journalism?"

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Citizen journalism explained. Would you consider yourself a journalist, even without a professional qualification in the field?

Are you a Citizen Journalist?

We could easily post the argument that every writer is, in one form or another, a citizen journalist. Each of us reports information as we have either observed it, or learned it.

Mark Glasser is one professional who acknowledges that modern technology and widespread use of the internet allows individuals, without specific training in the field of professional journalism, to check facts and report their findings to a growing global audience.

The opportunities are out there...

Increased use of digital media has exponentially increased the published content by citizen journalists, where the content is captured on blogs, social networking websites and content websites like Wikinut.com, ExpertsColumn.com, Helium.com and my other home, Triond.com – to name just a few.

Problems with the terminology...

Glasser further highlights the problems with the term “citizen journalist”, indicating disapproval from professional journalists who have had to undergo a rigorous study of media and professional ethics, laws as they pertain to the field. In addition, the term implies that professional journalists are not citizens of the United States. But then, what would individuals like me label themselves, I am neither a US citizen, nor a professional journalist, yet I write in the hope that one day I can make a living from recording the information I choose to validate or ridicule, as the situation demands.

Your Title - Your Decision

You can read Glasser’s informative article, which is loaded with other resources on the topic here:

Your Guide to Citizen Journalism

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