What is Important

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There are those who feel they are important of they have a better paying job, never failing to see the interdependence

What is Important

There are those who still see it fit to find time to laugh
At people who are performing those lower skilled task
Not affixing to the them any type of significance or importance
Because to them they do not make any type of difference

But no matter where one sit on the rung on the occupation ladder
There is something that they all should always remember
That we are all INS a sort of interdependent relationship
And should all recognize that we are all directly or indirectly in a partnership

For those amongst us who think that their jobs are better
We are all in the role of trader, seller, consumer and customer
So in all extents and purpose for our professional existence
There must be some person or virtual one to provide that sustenance.

So no matter how we see each other be it better or lesser
The bottom line is that we really are important to each other
So where a person or their job we want to sort of disdain
It is best to remember that we are all on the same plane

Take a look at a corporation’s CEO, a morning of an important meeting
It is clearly visible that the room will do with some cleaning
The embarrassment will be something that is clearly displayed
It would be than be recognized the importance of the maid

So do not be let down by what job you do as compared to your peers
It the personality you bring that to it can give many cheers
You may be qualified trained to do a different one
It’s the experience gained when all is said and done.


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
14th Oct 2011 (#)

Yes we all need each other more than we think

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author avatar Buzz
14th Oct 2011 (#)

Pleased to meet you.

Loved reading this. Great share.

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author avatar poetic2984
14th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks buzz pleased to meet you too buzz

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Nov 2011 (#)

Oh Poetic, I smiled so much at this one..How clearly you see things, and how gifted you are at producing these insights in Poetic form.. Such a great page my friend..

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