What is Life

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What a things all of us here have different expectation and thought about life

What is Life

It is always a wonder to get from people in any day
That diversity of thinking that will be definitely on display
Such a variety of which such an occasion will be so rife
Because there is that varied perception of what is life

By living we all make that trip down what is life’s highway
Because no matter what such is not static so one no one can sway
But bear in mind that this journey is in no way a walk over
So there is no pain if one takes time out and over a route did ponder

As on take those steps on this very long and expansive road
Be that goad because there will be accumulation of a very heavy load
Move confidently because any form of trepidation would help you manage
Those uncertain moments which may present some doubts to be a challenge?

Who amongst us do not of life holds on to a nurtured perception?
Which has been crafted to hold ones thoughts in a particular direction?
But it can be concluded that the many of the reason for such a predicament
Could have be subtly enforced by one culture and by extension living environment

So no matter what those many inclinations may seem to be
It’s one’s right to have the control over one’s destiny
But other may take such to be that playing of such a melodious tune
So take those steps and dance even if it is to the b light of the moon

There is no doubt that life will certainly presents us with a mystery
And when encountered, the solution will not be available so readily
So hang in there with strength and good thoughts no matter how enigmatic
And employ some care and think and try hard to unravel it

So there will be those to whom life may appear to seem
That all is perfect and they will live life as though it was a dream
And so believing and in the same time hoping that such it true
Would have make every effort as there us something to pursue

And so as we traverse life’s water ways , space, seas or lands
Our existences depend on all those tools there at our command
And so in the process one can say life is can be somewhat of a problem
But on living on may grasp the concepts to solve the presented equation


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