What is Right About Political Correctness

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Everyone talks and says what they think everyone else wants to hear but they seldom speak the truth.

What is right about political correctness?

The answer to the question above is, NOTHING. We now live in a society where we are more concerned with the other person's feelings than we are finding out the actual truth. Everyone seems to be walking on eggshells so that no one gets offended by what someone might say or heaven forbid be taken out of context.
We are quick to label and categorize anyone and everyone regardless of whether they speak the truth or not. Years ago in the OJ Simpson trial the defense attorney's based their case on whether or not a police detective used a racial slur in his police career. If the jury could be made to believe a label placed on another human being could also possibly effect his action towards that aspect of society, then the course of the trail would certainly change. And it did. Never mind the fact that you still had two dead people and the person responsible was smuggingly sitting there watching the whole proceedings. All of a sudden the trial was no longer about finding the truth but it was about how generations of the black society, who considered themselves to have been wronged by the system, to feel a sense of justification.
When OJ walked free, many of black America felt like they have been found innocent. Never mind that OJ Simpson had been embraced more by white corporate America since he was awarded his Heisman trophy.
If you thought OJ was guilty you were racist, if you thought he was innocent you were uneducated, dumb and probably black. From my vantage point, this was a no win situation and in no way a right answer no matter which side you were on.
The idea of political correctness was a media creation in an attempt to link thoughts, words and behaviors of others that would then allow the world to determine their rights when doing or saying such. We all have equal amounts of information but amazingly it takes the national media to determine if it is worthy of the attention of the rest of the world.
It is with this in mind where people begin to choose sides on what they do or don't believe in. Many find issue with those who go against popular choices, thus pressuring them to either join forces with the majority or be forever considered an outcast. Petty at best but still effective. With a society such as ours were acceptance is next to Godliness, people are afraid to stand by their convictions, even when they believe they are right.
To some the price you pay for standing up for what you believe in is not worth the reactions or the repercussions one will surely encounter if the cause in question is strong enough. Vietnam comes to mind. Popular opinion was we had no business being there and taking part of a social confict but those openly protested felt the wrath of the country. Fast forward to the Gulf War and much like Vietnam, popular opinion says we have no business over there but there is much more sympathy to those who protest due to the open mindedness of our country now. But it still comes back to the original question; what is right about being politically correct?
There are no easy answers and in our world of choose sides and then pick your weapon, I don't think we are any where close to realizing nor identifying a solution. If only I could converse with someone who based their opinion on what they know instead of what they heard, maybe then we could begin to get somewhere. What do you think?


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