What is the Origin of the Instinct for War?

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‘What will be the weapons in the third world war?’ Somebody asked Einstein. He replied, ‘I don’t know; but, for the fourth world war it would be bows and arrows!’ The genius was certain that all modern civilization would perish in the third! Are we really sane?

The Riddle

When two Japanese cities burnt
Desperate Einstein asked Freud,
‘What causes war?’
Did the same quest haunt Achilles
When Hector fell?
Had Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon
And every crippled soldier asked
The same question, through centuries?

Big Bang

Where from the tendency come?
When, in the very beginning,
Attraction and repulsion as love and hatred
Of the ultimate stuff in the quantum void
United and separated
And were forming particles and celestial spheres,
Was that engraved in the nucleotides
For the cells to compete and flourish?
To destroy and perish?

Virus to Man

Can affection alone bring forth progress?
No! Struggle for survival is essential.
War conceives inventions along with sufferings.

Virus and man are the slaves of that instinct
But, even beasts have discretion
And venomous snakes have their specific targets.

Man’s method? The most brutal!

The intelligent species!

The fool, who cut the branch he sat on
Was wiser than the present mankind
Destroying nature, self-bound,
Sitting on his pyre of potential arms!


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Aug 2012 (#)

very interesting so thank you much John...I oft think it is the negative forces..the Loyal Opposition headed by Lucifer who instigate this ...TG the Light is more powerful than the Darkness

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author avatar John Kolyav
31st Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks very much for your inspiration. I enjoyed quite a lot the term, 'Loyal Opposition'.

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