What is the meaning of life!?

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So, this blog got quite profound and thought-provoking. What a question.

What is the meaning of life!?

Okay, that's a pretty corny title.

But something along those lines... I tend to think a lot about stuff like that. But really... Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have a job, so I have a lot of free time at the moment. Uni's easy. I don't want to brag but I'm uber smart. And the course is easy. Probably more of the latter.

Anyway, I'm having trouble phrasing all of this. I have a bunch of thoughts but putting it down on paper, in a some what logical fashion seems to be beyond me. I said I wouldn't go back and censor stuff. Well, I lied. I've typed and deleted stuff like 10 times already. GF. What.

So, I have a lot of spare time. And I do stuff. Most of it's a waste of time. Okay, pretty much all of it is a waste of time. Though I guess that's debatable. Each of us probably defines "wasting time" differently. Is writing this blog a waste of time? Is watching tv a waste of time? If someone eventually does read this, please tell me your thoughts.

I mentioned some of my hobbies in my last post. I'm not sure if I'd consider those a waste of time. Most likely no. Okay, I think I'm going to google this.

Interesting. Google led me to someone else's blog. I think the essence of the argument is that it depends what you're perspective on life is. Sounds deep. It's not, really.

I had an idea. Have. Have an idea. I remember basic economics. Thank you Mr. Ferris. How cool would it be if you happened to read this. Anyway, we have unlimited number of wants. But we have limited means in which to satisfy them. Those means are, time, skills, money. There we go, we linked time into it.

Time is one of our resources and we use it to achieve our needs and wants. Therefore, if you're doing something that helps you achieve your needs or wants, you're NOT wasting time. Every person is different, so, we all have different needs or wants. So, wasting time is relative to what you're trying to achieve. Unfortunately, economics doesn't consider things like "enjoyment", "self-actualization" or even "being happy". So, if something like that is what you're trying to achieve... then I guess this theory doesn't really fit.

But considering all this, I'll say personally, that happiness is a need. Or a want, I don't know. So, doing things that make me happy, are not a waste of time. Success. I've proved that playing video games for 10 hours a day straight is NOT wasting time. Okay, we've still not reached a solid argument, because clearly 10 hours a day playing video games IS wasting time at some level. All things in moderation?

I've sort of gone of on a tangent from the original purpose of this post, so I'll leave time wasting there.

I woke up today, and thought about what I'd do with my time. And everything that I came up with, seemed like a waste. Of. Time. I keep thinking about doing something that has some greater value then just making me happy or killing time. Something important. Or great. Or useful.

The idea of mediocrity scares me a little. I want to be great. To be remembered when I'm gone. To be recognised while I'm alive. I keep thinking that instead of "wasting time" I should be trying to achieve that goal. Doing something that would help me further that goal, which seems a lot more important.

Wow this post was a bit draining. Had to dig deep for some of that.

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author avatar Synthaea
2nd Aug 2010 (#)

Nom nom nom profundity.

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author avatar mountainside
9th Jan 2011 (#)

...Well from my reading your piece, it seems as if life is a lark for you, so have fun, you appear to be happy. Take care..

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