What is your life’s ambition? The Author Brief Ambition during his Study Life

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To settle into a business is the ultimate goal of most person. 1 out of 100 graduate students in France who want to be entrepreneur can make the dream come true. Plan of becoming the business will be the start up for most people dream. Here is a brief writing, describing my plan during my education at the bachelor's.

My Life's Ambitions.

I have been longing to be a booming businessman ever since I was twelve. It has, therefore, always been my life’s ambition to study management and to be able to build on a booming trade. I count riches; power and glory among my ambition, but to serve humanity via handouts and to give myself over to my career are my highest ambition of all.

For the time being, I am a sophomore of the Royal University of Law and Economics, so I need to pursue my studies. At the moment, I am applying myself to my studies being on the alert to take the BBA-entrance exam at the end of this year. So it is the second phase to approach to my ambition.

Afterwards, there will be an MBA in France. And those are my ambitions for which I am yearning and are very difficult that I need to hurdle, however my French is too poor to take heart from at any rate. It will then be my ambition to procure a grant from the authorities to travel abroad for further studies and I would like to France, Japan, Singapore or any other well-educating countries to do this. At the post-graduate course there, I would like to make progress in my knowledge by the efficient methods, new techniques and to obtain even higher qualifications like a doctorate of business administration.

Ultimately, I would return to my motherland to settle into n enterprise and meet all my ambitions by saving money, using my knowledge, living moderately. After some years, therefore, I hope to be not merely experienced as a brilliant entrepreneur, but also comfortable rich and in public eye as well.

Then, I would realize my ultimate ambitions, which is to be a successful businessman and a humanitarian person. I shall, especially, then be able to be beholden my parents, and my benefactors.


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