What it means to be Creative ( Creativity Gods Nature ) ( Part 1 )

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In God image we where created and his attribute we must leave. Creativity is Gods Nature and this nature we must live on the street of life...

What it means to be creative ( Creativity Gods Nature ) ( Part 1 )

What it means to be Creative
( Creativity Gods Nature )
(Part 1)

"Let us make man in our own image"
Genesis 1:26-27

What is Creativity? It means to be creative
What does it mean to be creative? It means the power and ability to create

Creativity is Gods nature and his this nature he created man. According to the above text if God is creative in nature and in this same nature he has created man then i will conclude that man also possess this creative ability of his maker (God Almighty) and he expected him to use it.

We are ambassadors from Heaven to Earth to represent our real nation and home Heaven. When we create we display Gods nature into practicality. No matter how small you are you possess this ability to create. It was the creative ability in Adam that enabled him to label and give names to the living creatures Genesis 2:19-20. When you refuse to be creative you limit God in your life. No one was born without it.

Creativity has nothing to do with your

* Religion
* Skin color
* Ascent
* Intonation
* Sex
* Country
* Culture
* Faith
* Background
* Family
* Education (though it has a great influence on it)

It is an inbuilt Ability in our nature as long as you were made in the image and likeness of God you have it. Our ability to be creative goes hand in hand with our gifts, mind, and personality. Some personality are good in engineering creativity while others are good at fostering it to success. Our personality should not be a yardstick why we shouldn't use our creative abilities. For creativity to be fully successful a lot has to take place e.g the incubation and introduction of the idea, the fostering of the idea into practical works and the finishing to bring out the end product. Wherever you fall into use your ability its all part of creativity.

Even God didnt try to do all the creation work alone he worked with (the word- Jesus and the Holy Spirit). God spoke the incubated idea and introduced it i.e the word fostered and the Holy Spirit practicalized it to manifest into finish product. God specialized in the idea, The Word specialized in fostering it and The Holy Spirit specialized in finishing it. Notice God didnt try to do the work of the Word nor the Spirit and vice versa. In creativity you need to know your area of specialty and do ift well. Genesis 1:1-26

When you read through the Holy Bible you see different time at which God has created something new for mankind.

Examples of things God created

1. He created the Heavens and Earth and all that is in it. Genesis 1:1-25
2. He created man in his image. Genesis 1:26-27
3. God created division in language to prevent the building of the tower of babel. Genesis 1:6-7
4. He created manner for the children of israel
5. He created salvation for mankind through his sin Jesus Christ

Today what are you creating? What are doing with your creative ability?

God gave man the go ahead to finish up the creation of the world Genesis 2:19-20 but unfortunately man became the creator of evil things Romans 1:28-30. We are to create good things for the consumption of mankind and not what is meant to cause destruction. When we create it gives rise to some thing new and different which can aid growth
You are responsible for whatever you create.

Today rise and arise again
Make God proud by displaying his nature out to the visible eyes.

We have a mandate
A this mandate we must fulfill
If we dont use our creative ability
No one else will do or is capable of using it on our behalf
In our little space
We must be useful
And practically create something for the benefit of mankind
Which we are part of

May you receive grace in your quest to be creative.

In the next episodes i will be sharing on the attribute of creativity and characteristics of a creative person. Stay connected


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