What kind of transportation we could use in future?

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Here an futuristic imagination and also some data from different resources is shared about future transportation.

What kind of transportation we could use in future?

It is actually quite impossible to say something about the future for any subject matter. In case of future transportation, one cannot say anything definite. Scientists are thinking diversely to create some extraordinary transportation systems that will not pollute the environment at all.

There are some scientists who are proposing different transport systems, or at least they are trying to uphold new ideas to us. Some ideas are very fantastic and some are feasible. But they will take time to come to reality.

Air propelled train or atmospheric railway is one of them. This train will be such that atmospheric pressure will be used to run the train with the help of partial vacuum and pneumatic tube.

Another fine transport system will be dual-mode vehicle. The vehicle will run on two modes. One is battery and another is track-fed power. The track will be called Guideway.

Personal air vehicle is another general aviation aircraft, which will be manufactured by NASA. This air vehicle will be easily driven by a person with the ease of a car driving.

ITS or Intelligent Transportation System will be another mode of transport, which will use communication and information technologies together.

Jet pack or rocket pack is another transport method, which can be used as a means of transportation in the future. Space elevator is yet another space transport system, which will be easily used to transport people into space. Spacecraft propulsion is further a transport system, which may be used to make travels into the space.

Teleportation technology is actually an extraordinary concept regarding transportation. Teleportation means moving an object from one place to a remote place. This is a revolutionary concept that can change the entire transportation system of the world or even the universe. If, at any time in the future, this technology is materialized, mankind will find a complete change in this cosmos.

Vactrain or vacuum tube train will be another fantastic innovation in the world of transportation. This will be a high speed train using Maglev technology and evacuated tubes.

We are waiting eagerly to find such kinds of transportation systems in our modern world.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Mar 2013 (#)

I always thought flying cars would be fun, but I am kind of afraid of heights, now I just want "Green" transportation.

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author avatar jpcmc
13th Mar 2013 (#)

With the way technology is advancing, it's just our imagination that limits the vehicle of the future. I just hope they are eco-friendly. :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Mar 2013 (#)

New cities should be built with transportation systems planned ahead. Older cities like we have in India have severe bottlenecks and has become inflexible due to over crowding and bureaucratic muddle. I am reminded of a young friend telling me about the magic of teleportation fifteen years ago but unfortunately he is no more; hopefully, some of these will fructify in our lifetimes. But we seem to go around in circles due to lack of cohesion at every level, especially political. Thanks for a positive post, Anu - siva

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author avatar Ptrikha
8th May 2014 (#)

Air propelled Trains could gain popularity.

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