What matters in life is not where we come from, it's what we undergo in our lives and what we become....

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A Short poem about those who undergo many trials only to know they are tested by time to become stronger and successful.

From Ore to a Sword

From Ore to a Sword

A metal ore from the depth of the earth
Covered by the bedrock, pressed and crushed
Never had been moved since the world in its birth
Scorched in magma, And decades of rust

Not very long, an earthquake set in
Fissures and cracks, churned ores and stirred rocks
Centuries passed, an ore with no use
A metal still crumbling, no hopes introduced

But a day had come, a miner struck hoes
Exhumed and exposed the ore from it's gloom
Milled by some craftsmen, and fancied by swordsmen
Turned ore into metal like silk from a loom

Forged in fire and pounded by boulders
Taking a shape, aglow in the embers
Hundreds of pains and millions of bruises
Bringing on shine and shimmer and glitzes

A sword it became in the hand of a prince
Taking its strength for the first time in years
A weapon of valor, of pride and of might
An ore to a sword, to King's eyes a delight


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I Love feature writing but most of the time, I make product reviews and share my tips on personal routines and regimens.

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

Plz post relevant comments. Thanks.

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

Mickey , just delete the parasite, that is what I do. Why should they suck off of my hard work, you know what I mean. Your title had me from the get go, I could not agree more. Good work of art, what you do with words is just wonderful. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
22nd Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you for appreciating my work....

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

He never told the world his real name,
But just walked humbly in garb of fame.
Drawing First blood that saved Planet Earth,
That brought back laughter and all mirth.

For he tamed the Dragon that fire blew,
Bound Planet Earth together with bit of glue.
Then slowly began working to salvage that pride,
As he welded the sword of life he again cried.

For now he was fighting to save all of life,
Protecting his family and his broken heart wife.
He saw all the metal that was bound to trust,
He blew back the tides and caused wrecks to rust.

For he reached out and grabbed her in swirling tide,
And in all fairness took her deep inside.
Called and prayed till the times was right,
Healed and shielded her at dead of night.

That was when he showed that life came from Above,
Pouring the fuel with utmost love.
Moving all energies strength from the heart,
He pulled the jaded dagger from Adonis Roses' part.

That was the destruction ceased and stopped,
Rocks of all pain and hate broke and dropped.
For no one could get that draw of blood,
That caused the Universe to shake shiver and flood.

Until his incarnation came and took his place,
Adorned in similar but with little lace.
Proving to the world the strength of that sword,
They welded it together and didn't say a word.

That was when the Dragon succumbed to the bull,
And everyone gathered and called them the fool.
For now the armour stand out in all pride,
With the Sword of Creation all protected inside.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 24th October 2012

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author avatar JOhn nie
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

nice poem you have there Anisha... equally beautiful to that of Mickey's...

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author avatar Jopet2010
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

As a metallurgist I am very familiar with some words the poem used. Nice one mate.

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

Really? Wow... You might really be good on metals..

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author avatar Jopet2010
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

not that much you think.LOL

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author avatar Teila
1st Nov 2012 (#)

Very cool!

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
8th Nov 2012 (#)

It doesnt require a metallurgy course to be able to know how ore can be sifted to pure metal. Lol...

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author avatar tz
27th Sep 2013 (#)

You write good poerty.....

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
28th Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you!!!

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