What role of computer in our life? How can you solve your problem?

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By of Computer we are always with every one. Today we have internet in our computer in the life but we can't properly use of computer. Why?

The importance of Internet in our life

The internet is fast becoming a basic feature of global civilization. It is a massive network of networks. It connects millions of computers together globally. It has no governing body. It across the word. Internet 'chat', and electronic text messages called E-mail allow people to stay in touch with their friends or relatives even stranger living in other countries at any time.

How can we massage sent every one of family our friends

Use the internet we can simply E-mail create our facebook, yahoo, Gmail, skype and hotmail and send messages of your friends and family member.

Business use by internet

This includes all type of office documents, publication, software products, music, photography, video, graphics and the other arts of business. Many internet forums have sections devoted to game and funny video.

Seen and know about computer in internet

Internet users can use webcams and gave study to other student who have no authority to not come the school because some student are poor and week some are so intelligent but their parent not effort to their school fee. In Pakistan have no authority to gave their child to study. but today from internet we can guide their child. When we can guide about animal and see their figure in all website. When we know what is the word place. Many people use the Internet to access news, weather and sports reports, to plan and book holidays and to find put more about their random ideas and casual interests.

Commerce and money cost advertiser

The Internet has become a large market for companies. Some of the biggest companies today have grown by taking advantage of efficient nature of low-cost advertising and commerce through the Internet; also know as e-commerce. It is the fastest way to spread information to a vast amount of people simultaneously.

In Internet revolutionize shopping

From internet we can revolutionize shopping. For example, a person can order a CD online and receive it in the mail within a couple of days, or download in some cases.


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