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Of all of the things we consider a waste of time, hating someone or something has to take the cake...

Maybe We Shouldn't Hate the Player OR the Game

It's the ever-so-famous ending to a good movie, the "I'm-sorry-I-was-so-terrible-to-you-all-my-life" moment as the antagonist or protagonist lies on their death bed just seconds away from dying. The tears come with the desperate attempts to apologize for a lifetime of offenses, and finally with the last breath a feeble "I love you" is whispered as the protagonist or antagonist leaves the world and enters the next.
But why did he or she have to wait so long to come to that conclusion? It was so easy to find a reason to hate the other person, could they not have likewise found a reason to love them once more, or at least return to being on good terms with them?
This may just be my opinion, but it seems like there is never anything that can make you feel hatred toward another person. There might be certain factors which can steer you in that direction, but I believe that the act of hating someone is ultimately a matter of choice.
For example, say a brother of mine were to offend me, whether on purpose or by accident. I could chose to take it personally, regardless of the true intention of the statement, or I could chose to forgive him and maintain a positive relationship with him. But perhaps this problem lies with the fact that hating someone is too easy of an alternative to throw out. Or maybe it's simply a means of raking up the dead leaves, creating a little excitement, if you will, in our lives by allowing for a little drama.
But honestly, what's the use? Once you find that you can no longer drag out the scene of "I hate you because (insert long-since-gone offense here)" then you're left with the same old "boring" life you had before, and again you are faced with the choice of continuing to living in peace with those around you as before, or to find someone or something else to hate.
As for hatred being the easy route to take, well, there's not much else to say but "How do you expect to get anywhere by taking the easy way out of things?" If that's the case then the answer is simply in possibly growing up a little more and learning to be responsible.
Otherwise, the situation can be related to that of a kindergartener "hating" a previous friend simply because that friend has stolen their favorite crayon. We see that as "child-like," and yet most of us will do the same with our peers as if we have the right to, or excuse ourselves from the same judgement because we're older. What's the difference, though? Hatred is still hatred, no matter how old you are or how it is applied.
So maybe, instead of shifting our hatred from the "player" to the "game," we should try to eliminate the hatred completely by growing some perspective and understanding and simply growing up.


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author avatar Val Mills
19th Feb 2011 (#)

I totally agree with you. Good work here.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
25th Feb 2011 (#)

Very positive views for a great 'understanding and growing up'.

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