What's your 5 reasons you love her?

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This blog is about the 5 reasons why I love my partner and say more about one must at least have 5 reasons.

The real 5

Its easy to give your girlfriend one reason or even 2 reasons why you love him/her but what about 5? How many people out there can name 5 reasons why they love there partner?

Most of the married couples out there CAN'T even name 5 reasons why they love each other!!! I know out of personal experience that when you tell your partner everyday that you love him/her that they get use to it so always remember that don't tell them to often that you love him/her it will only end up bad I know!!!!!!

Back to the 5 reasons. In the blog I'm going to sate my 5 reasons why I love my girl and future wife and after reading this I want you all to sit down and think of your 5 reasons why you love your partner on the 5 reasons why you don't have a partner and if you can't state 5 reasons why you love him/her then well you ain't really in love and must start to work on it!!

My ten reasons I live my partner more then life:

1) She is the only one that really understand me and what I am not what other people think I am or want me to be.

2)She is the one person that ALWAYS understand. No mater what I do she always understand and never criticize me.

3) On a off day when it feels like the hole world is against me. She is the one that make me smile and feel happy again.

4) She is always true to me. She has never lied or cheated on me in the past 3 years

5) She is she. She is the same person everyday and always will be.

There a million other reasons but this article is about 5 reasons.

So always remind yourself why you love your partner and at least once a day tell her why you love her. Life is nothing with out the one you love and the truth is its easier to lose the one you love then to fine him/her.

I hope you treat the one you love with all respect and love everyday not everyone is so lucky to see the one they love everyday. And tell the one to there face how much they love one other so take every second you have and treat is as you last because you never know when that will be the last!!!!!!


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