What sort of Love is this?

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Jessica is feeling very taken for granted by her husband Ian today. What can he do to put it right? Read on to find out more.

What sort of Love is this?

As Jessica watched her husband Ian slouched in the chair, snoring, at only 3 in the afternoon, his empty yogurt pot from lunch threatening to fall off the arm of the chair, she wondered what had happened to them. There was a time on a Sunday afternoon, whilst the children were at Sunday school, when they had enjoyed their own special time together, for just a couple of hours, they had gone back to bed, giggling like naughty teenagers, stealing time for their love life. Fat chance of that now!

The children were teenagers now, the only time they saw them was mealtimes, or when they were short of money. But those teenagers were their pride and joy, John, tall, strong, and so kind, a son to be proud of, and Amy petite, with a ready smile, and an air of innocence which absolutely wound her dad round her little finger. She was glad it was that way, they were independent now, did Ian still need her she wondered? We are not old yet, 45 is not old, but we are stuck in a rut.

Ian worked hard at the garage, he had never been a high wage earner, but that hadn't worried Jessica, she worked at the library, and together they had managed to get themselves a nice home that was big enough for the 4 of them. But lately she had become discontented, when Ian wasn't at work, he was asleep in the chair, yet most of her friends seemed to have husbands who were so much more attentive, they had taken advantage of their children growing up, and spent more time together, and had interesting holidays.

Jessica had always fancied going on a cruise, but when she had mentioned it to Ian he had just laughed, and said he wasn't sure he was up for that, and she had felt hurt, he was getting so selfish, life seemed to be all about him. In two weeks time it would be Valentine's Day, at this rate she would be lucky if he even bought her a box of chocolates. But on second thoughts he might do that, because he would end up eating most of them!

She picked up the yogurt pot, and his empty mug, resentment flooded through her, Ian certainly wasn't modern man, here she was still tidying up after him, so she marched through to the kitchen, busied herself in there for a while, as banging a few plates and cups made her feel so much better!


Ian woke up with a jump, he could hear Jessica in the kitchen, and he knew exactly what this meant, she was angry, and felt neglected. He had spent 25 years with her, and he knew her every mood, the way her face lit up when she smiled, her hugs, everything that made her the beautiful and dearly loved wife that she was.

It was their wedding anniversary shortly, and it was also Valentine's day, so he had pretended indifference when she had mentioned a cruise. But what a wonderful idea to escape for just a short while, the miseries of a cold English winter.

The trouble was, he had to fit in quite a bit of overtime to pay for it, nothing but the best for his Jessie, she was the best! Working on a Sunday morning was not ideal, but it was for a good reason, so he had put up with it, but the downside was, after his lunch, he found himself falling asleep in the arm chair like some old codger, and clearly Jessie didn't think much of it. But he knew just how to cheer her up, and there was no time like the present.

Ian appeared

Jessica looked up from the sink to see Ian, his hair all ruffled, and the beginnings of a beard forming, standing in the doorway. There was something very vulnerable about him at that moment, so her anger died as quickly as it had come.

She remembered fleetingly that Jane next door had lost her husband recently, quite out of the blue, a brain tumour at only 50 years old, She still had Ian, they were both getting older now, not in the first flush of youth maybe, and no matter how much he annoyed her at times, she knew she would always love him. In her usual impulsive manner, which for Ian was part of her attraction, she came over and ruffled his hair.
" I expect you want a cup of tea now." she remarked, smiling.
" I'll make it." he said, and he went over , filled up the kettle and plugged it into the socket.
" I've got something to show you." he said, which mystified Jessica, and she watched him go out of the room to return very quickly with a print out sheet from the computer, which to her hardly looked mind blowing.

However when she read it, her face was a picture, disbelief and joy were vying for supremacy, and joy won, when she read the print out for the holiday he had booked online.
" A Caribbean Cruise, Ian you said you didn't want to go!"
" Well it wouldn't have been a surprise if I had agreed, but its paid for now, so no more Sunday working for me!" he said swinging her round joyfully.
" Let's forget the tea, and have an hour to ourselves, the kids won't be back until dinner." He added.
Jessica smiled to herself as he led her upstairs,. she knew what sort of love this was, one that lasts forever.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
25th Jan 2018 (#)

I like a love story that ends like this dear Carol
Many blessings to you
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
27th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for reading Stella x

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author avatar Retired
25th Jan 2018 (#)

How sweet. Ian worked a lot of overtime just to pay for a cruise for his wife. My how he must love her. Wonderful story.

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author avatar Carol
27th Jan 2018 (#)

Tootsie I am glad you liked it.

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author avatar LOVERME
26th Jan 2018 (#)

If only I could hear and say lovely Ma'am Carol

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author avatar Carol
27th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for visiting my page Loverme.

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