What to do, its tough to sail through

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Its how one faces tough time at work especially when surrounded by people one despises. Also people are really not concerned about your problems, they just want to know what happened to you so they can satiate their need of gossip and can hav fun at your cost. That is what a world of Professionals consist of.

World of nincompoops

oh damn! Another of those hectic days when i have to go to the pack of the same old uninteresetd faces who care a shit about what you going through. Probably its the right thing to do, probably it was never meant to be. I mean this was a bit of your normal, growing up mannerisms, when you were taught not to be Mr. 'poke your nosie into other people's business'. So has everyone clinged onto it like the never falling miss scaly tapering tail, burrowing reptile on the wall.
When asked, "who is the scariest of all?"
the answer is static, "Ofcourse its you my madame".
Ok I know, I am just being a bit grotesque & laputan but who bothers to even take a peep into your deep, abstruse heart and ask about your wellbeing? Basically, you are barely able to make it on that timeline to office because somewhere your best friend has deserted you for non- coscmic pleasures, or your boy friend has failed to pour his heart into your thoughts or your folks treat you like an inebriated donkey or perhaps you have gone down-&-out because you had just planned to live off from one pay cheque to another in princely luxuries. Saddled and laden, now once again you confront the harsh realities of life, the mundane-shit-of-a-life, howling mooncalfs, nincompoops, jacka**es. Dignity gone off for a quick toss and you feel plunged into a dung stockpile so deep below that coming out of it without being foul smelled and adulterated, is impossible.
Now that is a price we all have to pay for being the so called 'PROFESSIONALS'!!!!!
and mind you, there are no remunerations in this value for money deal.


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