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The elections in the United States of America seem like a mess around the world, and I can give a realistic philosophical opinion of how they got that way, but not too much of a judgement. I will keep this introduction short, and the article body longer and more interesting, so here goes:


Our (American) elections are a circus long in the making and when we become conscious and take life seriously, the circus will end and realistic thought and action will begin. But, we are starting to get to that. I think humbly that this madness is slowly waking the whole world up to the fact that things do need to change all around this very same world.

Sure, that first paragraph of three sentences is kind of hard to read, and kind of a wake up call that does not exactly want to be read. But, I ask you, what was every assassination in the twentieth century. As Billy Joel said about "we didn't start the fire" and all of that. Once the fire is lit under us, change cannot be stopped. That is the crux of what I understand is going on with these elections.

Change, it is consistent in life. We can sing about "Old Harry Truman" and "Great Jimmy Carter" and get away with it in this madness. Indeed, is it healthy?

I say embrace the "madness of change", the reality of the "turn over" and the loss of the innocence of "I didn't start the fire!" or "I didn't do it!"

I read this article where Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton talked about people who blame the system and live in their parents' basements well into their thirties that do not have any initiative, imagination or "guts to go get it". Heck, that is a prime example of exploiting the innocence in a negative way of "I didn't start the fire" and "I didn't do it or cause it!"

On the other hand Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is just as bad promising "greatness without effort" and build a wall to keep all evil out "easily".

My point is that the reality and the buck all starts here, and once we can look in the mirror for the cause of our genuine setbacks and failures, the easier it will be to genuinely and permanently cure them, and outer presidents, politicians or political offices can do that. We must start in on ourselves.

If you realized how hard it was for me to say the above, and the "guts" I am pulling out of my soul to say it and how tired I am of "blaming the other guy whose grass is greener on the other side".

Let me give a hard self-criticizing example of that: Sometimes, I harp on how great and heroic O.J. Simpson the National Football League football player, actor and businessman seemed to be, and how much of a "loser" I seemed to have ended up with all my good intentions, honesty, and tortoise like "getting through life" in the msot genuine and best way I can. Then my Mother comes back with, you are good man, a genuine and honest man, and for real as a house on fire, anyone who uses drugs and murders his wife is not doing nothing and deserves what they get, even if they get it indirectly. Well, that is a short hand of my nightly conversation about O.J., wishing I could be a popular, supposed hero instead of an overly honest guy that lives and dies by reality, honesty and all the genuinely great values, even if it doesn't seem to pay much sometimes.

But, that honesty is worth more than a whole bunch of trillion dollar paychecks. What do you think O.J. faces whatever his "great past was" knowing what happened in the hellish prison he is in now and his wife dead and life in shambles.

I can draw a parallel with what is happening in this country in a sense. We let responsibilities lag too long and we must get back into the driver's seat. I know that is hard for you to read (and heart rending for me to write), but it has the merits of being the realistic truth and honest reality. When you (or I) can look in the mirror for the real solution and face it square in the face, there is real hope, and it is not in the form of another black guy named Barack. After all, the fault is not in the stars, dear Brutus, it is in ourselves, to paraphrase William Shakespeare.

So, now that I have opened this "devilish can of worms"

I don't exactly want to put salt on the slug or the worms, but, reality has that effect of we must face it or genuinely and deeply perish. I am not trying to sound profound like Walter Cronkite saying "that's the way it is in the year of our Lord", but I am facing reality with you if you like this article, and with you even if you do not take to this article too well.

So, a long time ago, a motivational speaker once said, with the Statue of Liberty in New York, New York, USA should come a matching Statue of Responsibility in the San Francisco Bay in California, USA. Many bristled at that statement, I to this day embrace it as a needed reality in my life. We all must take responsibility from the ground up if we genuinely want to get anywhere without really cheating everything, especially ourselves.

So, my Dad and I went we went fishing at Alondra Park in Torrance, California near Lawndale, California and we used to take a ball jar of worms that he called our "devilish can of worms" and if we wanted to catch anything, we had "to go into that devilish can of worms". That is life, and not the "box of chocolates" that "we want". That is where I agree with Objectivists on the views of the character Forrest Gump. We must start by being honest with ourselves, no matter how nasty it may seem at the time we need to be. That is called courage. So, now that I have opened this "devilish can of worms", self-responsibility is in order so we can catch the fish of reality!


I can only say that self-responsibility is getting a life, and not voting for someone else to "make a life" for us.

Keeping it that simple is kind of cold, I know, but what else is there to say about the whole subject?


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