What was your message, Jesus? Come back and tell us because all we have now is gibberish.

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I can hear them coming in the hallway. Whispering, they are wondering if they will still find me here in Tower Mansion, as I am known to be out of bed very early sometimes and sometimes not so.

What was your message, Jesus? Come back and tell us because all we have now is gibberish.

For a moment I wonder if I should pretend to sleep. Then again, why so?

There starts their singing. It puts me in a good mood as I look up from under the blanket. Mother and Father, two wonderful people, my parents, standing there singing to me on my birthday. It's a moment I would like to treasure forever. How blessed I am to have people like them!

Mother hands me two presents. That's very interesting; for the last few years it's been a custom of theirs to give me a card with a few hundred in money inside. This year however, wrapped neatly inside gift paper, there is a can of deodorant, and another box with blue glass dessert bowls.

The deodorant makes me smile. I know yesterday I never got around to take a shower and I smelled myself by evening. Mother must have smelt me too and got a gift idea out of it.

The other day I brought in the old eating set that was in Lordly House when I moved in, that Mother must have put there in the days she would have guests stay over there. As the years went by, I have been purchasing my own plates and glasses, and have no more room for what was there so I gave it back to Mother.

This is why she is giving me a set of beautiful dessert bowls; she says I never mentioned that I have some. I do have dessert bowls, but only four and these six are nice too. In fact, I believe today we can eat our appetizers out of these when the party starts!

Mother, Father and I make our way over to the West Wing where we will be enjoying our morning coffee on the stoep overlooking the crop fields, the grazing cattle and Tower Hills Airport where Father's aircraft factory is located too. Such a beautiful, fresh sight early on this Sunday morning.

"Why don't you come to church with us today?", Mother asks.

I can only smile at her. After so many years of not going to church with them, she still asks every Sunday morning.

My parents brought me up according to Christian religion. They, and me, were very active in our church and the surrounding activities.

In fact, I was such a hard and fast believer and craving to know more about it, that I started studying it in-depth. I wanted to know everything; how it started, where the Bible comes from, how we can celebrate this wonder that is our religion and spread it and build on it and bring light to the world with it!

I naively thought I would find clear cut answers to a few simple questions.

However, the more I investigated, I found that it's really about what a few prominent people thought about it along the way, and those who built on it. Kind of a snowball effect. The source of it all is basically non-existent, and it's all about what you CHOOSE to believe, or what others MAKE you believe.

There was of course many political agendas behind it too, claiming whatever action they performed or war they instigated, it was "in the name of God".

Another point worth mentioning is "monotheism", or "There is only one God", that you find in the Abrahamic religions. What's interesting is that this viewpoint developed AFTER inclusion of religious stories from ancient cultures who believed in MANY gods, which were later edited to be the stories of ONE God. What gives?

And of course these gods from ancient tales were not only made to be one single God, but where before they were described more as living beings who were created themselves, in the monotheistic creation they were made into one and then made to be the actual creator of the universe, something which less often than not had been the case in their polytheistic forms.

There is of course another interesting viewpoint, which some people still laugh at. It's the "ancient astronaut theories" that claim these "gods" are indeed created creatures themselves, who are farther evolved than us, who came from the heavens above in flying space vehicles and came to earth to mine for gold. For mine workers/slaves, they mixed their own DNA with that of the homo erectus apelike creature that already existed at the time, thereby creating an apelike creature that could talk, and through intermarrying such female apelike creatures they created the offspring what we now call humans.

To ancient man, these "god" creatures from heaven called the "Annunaki", also later called the Anakim and Nefilim, were the big gods of the time who ruled mankind with a heavy, vengeful, war-hungry hand, but also provided mankind with civilization, kingship and growing technologies.

Anyway, Mother and I have talked for years about religion and why I don't really feel I'm all in with all my heart into this whole religion thing they like to practise, but she still asks me every Sunday to go to church with Father and her.

I guess my problem is I feel they have stagnated there. They read their same Bible century in, century out, without growing their knowledge beyond that. And they deliberately don't allow anything new into their library of knowledge, for any new scientific or religious discoveries are treated as something suspicious to try and make them doubt their faith.

I do like their preacher as a person, but as for teaching us about God, how can somebody who has never seen or met what he's talking about, or spent time with "God" or talked with him or befriended him; how can this preacher/priest/reverend now teach us? All he has is pretentiousness. I need a bit more than that.

Getting back to the Annunaki; Mother says she can't believe in "extra terrestrials" being "God", for she asks "Where are they now?"

Now I have always found this a strange question for her to ask. Aside from all the UFO reports one can find in the media, a few years back Father and her had an experience of a big white light, shining on them from above in the desert where there is obviously no ordinary electricity source to do that with, and without making any noise! This happened way in the middle of the night.

I have found myself trying to debunk their "UFO" experience by asking them if they are sure it came from right above, and without ANY sound. Could it have been a car shining lights on them as it was driving up a hill? How about a helicopter? Somebody on top of a mountain with a flashlight?

But nope, they seem to be sure as sugar that the light came from straight above out of the starry night sky, making a perfect circle around them and when they got over their confusion and wanted to start seeing any details of the light source, it just simply disappeared within a fraction of a second.

Now I ask Mother, if she is so sure this happened, who does she reckon did this? It can only mean somebody, either from earth or beyond has the technology required.

It is here that Father reminds me that I really should write a letter to our church to break my ties with them. According to Father, this church still pays "ramings" for me. Apparantly they pay "ramings" for every member of the congregation, to some "Gereformeerde Kerk" main body in Potchefstroom. Very interesting how there's always money working silently or not-so-silently behind religion.

Father had told me to write this letter long ago, but Mother always stopped it as she believes it's the wrong thing to do. According to her, I will still find my way.

I decided I do believe in Jesus though. However, I believe the true message of everything he said is lost to us. Modern religion has become far too constrictive, not open to any truth that may be discovered through archaeological findings, fact-based science or other, if it can't be used 100% to "prove" their stagnant teachings.

I feel in my heart that whatever power there was in religion, and the teachings of Jesus, has been lost due in most part to politics.

I would say the corruption of Jesus' message starts with the jews. We are told to believe that the "nation of God" was the Israelites whose story of war and bloodthirst is told in the Old Testament, and that the Old Testament then flows right into the New Testament, where Jesus came to "wash away our sins" by being jabbed with nails through his body to make him stick to a wooden cross where he bled to death.

Frankly, from the way Jesus butted heads with the jewish religious leaders of his time, and the way they finally conspired to kill him, it's obvious that the two stories/messages don't gel together as they are presented in the Bible. Jesus obviously brought a message that was in contrast to what the scumbag religious leaders were preaching.

And I'm afraid that message is lost to us. I do not believe the watered down gibberish of "Jesus coming to wash away our sins" was what there was to it. That's rubbish and far too thin and vague and meaningless really. The real message has been destroyed by those opportunists and political agendas that infiltrated the Christian religion that growed in the time after, and they made into something that fits the mould of the already existing and preferred line of thought. I hope that one day we can find out the truth of what Jesus said.

Anyway, after coffee I go to my office and write the letter on my laptop. I print it out and put it in an envelope.

There. Wow. This is it. I'm actually acting on my beliefs.

I go back to The West Wing and find Father in his study. I hand him the letter to read. Yup, he says it's right.

I put it back in the envelope and hand it to Father. Father offered to hand it in when they go to church now.

This is it. It is time to move on for good.

A chapter of my life is now closed.

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