What we allow to Run our Lives

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April PAD Challenge Day 15 from Robert Brewer to write an infested poem.

What we allow to Run our Lives

We let items overrun our lives,
We let material possessions matter more,
Than the relationships we keep,
We let our collections become something more,
Than what we really should let it be,
We want to have more and more,
Let it infest in our lives,
There are better things to let overrun in our world,
Instead of caring about how many cars,
And any other material thing rule our world,
We could let the world overrun with kindness,
With a giving attitude,
With an encouraging word,
With a joyful heart,
With a humble soul,
We can show more gratitude,
We can stop letting these things be gods in our life,
Letting these things become idols,
Believing that they can bring us happiness,
When in the end they all fade away,
But a giving attitude,
An encouraging word,
A humble heart,
Will last for all your life,
Material things come and go,
They overrun and infest for a moment,
But they fade and disappear,
We can lose these items time and time again,
We can believe that these things will bring happiness,
Not realizing that we are empty,
Empty of what we truly need,
What do you allow in to run your life?
Do you let those things that can only last a little while?
Or do you allow those things that can last a lifetime?
Is love and relationships more important?
Or is what you have carry more weight?
Do you let your heart infest with the attitude,
That all that matters is you?
That all that matters is what is in it for you?
That all that matters is what you can gain?
Or do you have a humble heart and attitude?
Do you ask how can I help another?
How can I encourage another?
How can I give to another?
How can I give hope to someone who needs it?
What do you allow?
There are many small choices we make,
Day after day,
Showing what we value in our lives,
What we allow to run and infest our life,
What matters to us at the end of the day,
If you are going to have something infest your heart,
If you are going to allow something to overrun,
Each and every space of your being,
Let it be something beautiful and positive,
Let it be something gainful and true,
Let it be something joyful and encouraging,
Let it be the actions you can take,
To make the world a better place,
One action and decision at a time.


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Mandy Buffington is a Masters in Business Management graduate. She has a chapbook published called Love, Unwrapped by Writing Knights.

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