When A Car turned to a Push Cart

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Its an experience shared by someone who had to push his car all the way back to his home,when he wanted a great evening enjoying with his family.

How a middle class family enjoys

Having hectic schedule, 6 days a week and expecting a fun filled weekend, with family and friends is something which every person wants to have, especially if he is from a the middle class in India.
Usually the fun starts on the sixth day evening itself.If the person's office closes by afternoon or early evening and children are waiting badly for their share of enjoyment with their parents, its a very good beginning of the weekend.
My neighbour, who is an employee in a reputed firm, had many such weekends with his family.Usually, his wife who is a home maker, prepares the dinner by evening itself if its a Saturday and they push off by the time its 5 pm . The children complete their school work before their father reaches home from office, lest they won't be able to enjoy the evening which is very precious for kids. This is common in everywhere, even in our house. But the experienced he shared recently was something which was similar to a NIGHTMARE rather.

Strangers help

My neighbour Mr. Rangaswamy with his family went out to watch a movie late in the evening on that day.It was Saturday and so they had every right to enjoy that evening and have fun.
The show started at 7:30 pm.They had already booked the tickets on-line and so, they weren't in a hurry. The cinema was 3 km away from our locality and it took 20 to 30 minutes in a busy road by car to reach there.

They started at 6:45 pm and they had ample time to reach. But the actual show started when they were half way and the car started troubling. Rangaswamy didn't have the slightest idea of the reason for the trouble.It suddenly stopped near a traffic signal and it was a havoc.
Vehicles behind his car were jammed and people were getting irritated.But, what could he do?He somehow managed to tell them what the problem was and some of the people even pushed it so that it could pick up speed and at least clear the traffic.
This worked out and they could reach the theatre by 7:40 pm.
Already the movie had begun and people inside the car, were out of control.He could manage the strangers near the traffic and even get their help but what about his family?They were in full rage.Now that they reached the destination, he could pacify them by saying that they'll be able to understand the story even if they missed the beginning 10 minutes.

Parking Problem

But, the trouble reappeared near the parking lot.The car had to stop for security checking and this again made it stay there for some more time.
Now it was the turn of the security people to push it.Again they were missing the movie.So, Rangaswamy asked his wife to get inside the theatre with children so that they wouldn't get too late.
But, even they had to stay near the entrance as the tickets were booked on line and they could get the hard copies on producing the message from mobile.Though they could get the hard copies, they had to wait for him, as for Rangaswamy's ticket was with them.
It took around 10 minutes for Rangaswamy to back and so at last they were IN.

Back to Home

Though Rangaswamy was watching the movie, he was thinking about something else..how could he get back home.His wife and children were least bothered about it. They were so immersed in the movie that they completely forgot about the journey they had 2 hours earlier.
After they came out with blushed cheeks and smiles they recollected the experience they had near the parking lot and traffic signal.Their faces again turned RED.
But, they were fortunate enough that it didn't give any trouble this time when they came back. Rangaswamy thought it might have had good rest for 2 hours for the car and so it has regained energy.
But, again the problem repeated.Now there was no one to push it.It was his wife's turn. She was yelling cursing the car..but what could anyone do.
It kept on stopping every now and then.Sometimes it was his wife,sometimes it was some other shopkeeper or cart pullers who would push it.
Lastly, when it stopped , almost near their home, there were 2 doctors and a tailor who were the helpers.One of the docs put some water in the engine and suggested to put coolant.The tailor, who himself owned a car, kept following till they reached home.
Rangaswamy could not conclude if it was a good or a bad experience as he couldn't meet them any time if the trouble didn't persist.
After reaching home, they were so tired that they had no plans for enjoying the next day or weekend though the problem was resolved and the car was repaired.
They keep making fun of it as a push cart even now !


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