When Death Laughs

Deborah Morissette By Deborah Morissette, 21st Apr 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL http://nut.bz/2pcb-zko/
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A collection of sad poems for those who have suffered the loss of a special love

When Death Laughs

Silent steps heard from a great distance
Dark fingers tapping ever so lightly on the window
Requesting an audience to plead its case

Unremitting grief threatens to devour her
Like a wild beast tearing into its prey
Sweeping her into the frigid blackness
Its laughter chilling her to the bone

Love severed by deaths unyielding force
Crushed and entombed in one merciless sweep
She slips into utter desperation without a sound
Realizing that life is just a brief intermission

Poor tormented soul concealed in isolation
To the depths of dark despair
Parting its frigid lips
Its despicable laughter calling to her

Its icy breath upon her face
A dreaded constant companion
The hideous laughter unrelenting
Beckoned by her silent screams


Poem Of Sadness, Poems On Emotions, Poems On Love

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author avatar Deborah Morissette
I am 54 years old. I have one daughter and I am married. I love to read, write and cook. I have 2 beautiful grand daughters and my husband and I are paranormal investigators.

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author avatar WOGIAM
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Your words brought to my eyes unshed tears, i have endured the pain of death, i wonder when it will stop its laughter.

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author avatar Deborah Morissette
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

I fear the laughter will never end Wogiam

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author avatar brendamarie
21st Apr 2015 (#)

your words ring true for far too many great poem

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author avatar Deborah Morissette
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

thank you Brenda

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Sleep my angel,
As I now watch.
Guiding your soul,
With Lantern and torch.

Showing pathway,
To Valley of Flowers.
As all loved ones,
Erupt in Showers.

Throngs of history,
Judgement to see.
Balance of sword,
Weighing life free.

Showing the deeds,
Of Life gone past.
Into the future life,
Flags all half mast.

All now on knees,
Weeping in pain.
As they see truth,
In memory lane.

None can touch it,
All see truth inside.
Showing the teary smile,
That once saw pride.

As all now fall down,
With Face now unseen.
They feel the epitaph,
Life on movie screen.

Making their way home,
Until we all meet again.
Eyes now in great tears,
Showing mortal rain.

Sleep forever now,
Its the Circle of Life.
For when there is death,
There is a Widowed Wife.

Sorry for your loss,
Red Rose on grave.
With life and death,
Its note on stave.

All now singing,
Amazing Grace.
But death is of Life,
Part of Mortal Race.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 22nd April 2015

Take care and sorry for your loss. May the soul rest in peace.

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author avatar Deborah Morissette
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

thank you Anisha

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