When Initiative Hides Itself From You

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Thoughts on whether you should allow intiative to hide itself?

Search For The Initiative

Does initiative have to be pushed or pulled in daily life? If you love doing something you like, such as writing, drawing, painting or scupture or anything that gives you pleasure when it is completed, it should come easier. Anything that you originate brings with it the joy of accomplishment.

But what if initiative hides itself from you, it just isn't there. Initiative took a vacation and didn't even leave a sign as to when it would return. Do you then sit and wait for it to come back? Or do you seek it out, find it and get it working again? It probably depends on the urgency factor, are you motivated by an urgency to make something happen that is of interest to yourself or to many others?

If initiative hides itself, look for it, find it, it's important. Why? Because time is of the essence, your talent or your gift should be shared as much as possible. The more you use it, the stronger and the better it becomes. Don't allow anything to stifle your initiative, action should be the keyword. Put things into action and satisfaction will show up.

Whenever initiative disappears, track it down, search hard for it and make it work for you. It's very important, don't let it hide. Do it for yourself and everyone else who enjoys your work. Sharing your talent is a major part of the joy of life.


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I am an artist, I paint abstract pictures and draw. I like to write, read and watch game shows. I like nice people and love to learn about diffeent cultures. Keeping an open mind is important to me.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
27th Jan 2011 (#)

I think we need to clarify here whether we are taking about the desire to write or the ability to produce. Everyone encounters an inability to produce from time to time, that's more commonly known as writer's block. My answer to writer's block is to write through it. Just keep writing. It doesn't matter what you write, you just need to keep writing. Pretty soon you will be back on track writing the words you need to write. Losing the desire to write, is a much more serious problem and a problem I have never suffered. When a writer loses the desire to write he should make finding out why the desire has left him his first order of business.

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author avatar mountainside
27th Jan 2011 (#)

Well, though I think the two are tied together in a way, the initiative factor is about desire.
Not really wanting to do anything but not having to do with depression or any clinical problem. A bit like writers block or such. Where one needs to dig a little for that urge to get going. Thanks for stopping by Jer.

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author avatar Artur Victoria
30th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing it, I enjoy your writings

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author avatar mountainside
30th Jan 2011 (#)

Hi Artur, Thank you, please know that the feeling is mutual. Take good care.

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