When Spousal Abuse Offends The Marriage Ends

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A sad poem regarding an abusive marriage and where it leads. Anyone who has (lived with, and/or) survived an abusive spouse might be able to relate.

Words Chosen To Hurt

Where does one go and what can one do, this wife he married is not the same
words of support and love, replaced by abusive words bent on giving you shame
the sun has turned into rain and you're caught, with nowhere to avoid getting wet
ensnared in the web of her discontent, just holding your head down with regret

You look toward compromise, hoping to work things out and make it right
but you encounter resistance, she wants nothing but you out of her sight
as words fall on deaf ears reality sets in, full of contrition and remorse
making matters worse, she's on the warpath, focused on threatening divorce

Looking at your young children, and the tears in their eyes, what they now see
a crushed father, withdrawn from the world, only wanting to take them and flee
but wisdom perseveres and silence overcomes, dumbstruck on what to do
finally acknowledging, love that once was is no longer, your marriage is through

Packing your bags this last time, as reflections of happier times pain your mind
but trusting in G-d gives you the faith, to your predicament you are now consigned
as days pass and the pain subsides, getting a handle on what was once your life
recognizing the impossibility of any happiness in life, when a wife is bent on strife

Not long after I met a woman, the epitome of everything good in the world to be found
a woman full of of kindness whose words, as her love, were nothing short of profound
coming full circle in my life, the challenges and tribulations have left me with no doubt
choose a woman to love that has a truly sincere heart, and a faith in love that is devout


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author avatar Retired
13th Sep 2011 (#)

Good job...thanks for sharing....

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author avatar Retired
13th Sep 2011 (#)

Sorry that you went through such a relationship and thank you for the confession.

Some men always put the blame on the woman although the fault lies within themselves.

My best friend (not in his eyes after I wrote about him) went through this and cried about the same when his twelve year relationship ended. He was talking to me with his toddler sons daycare admission in hand and told me his wife and him and ended their relationship. It was their little daughter who brought them back together again.
I have been through a violent relationship but in this case the man jumped the fence and left the family with nothing. Now has to pay child support and yes maintenance.
Not taking him back as the child was hurt and traumatized by it and is happier now without the father.
Sad for my friend though, really felt sorry for him but am happy that his wife and him are still together.

Think your confession made room for other confessions, thank you....

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author avatar 2bpositive
13th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank you Aiyanna for your response. However, you're way off the mark.

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author avatar Songbird B
21st Oct 2011 (#)

This is a really powerful poem, and I am so very glad to see that it talks of happiness at the end.. I just love the heart you convey within your work, 2b..

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