When Technology Rules the World

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Imagine how life can be when technology rules the world and everything we do depends on technology?

Good old days

Looking back to the good old days where people used to lived very close to the nature yet they have a simple, happy & contented life. Where everything is free of charge from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the food we eat. Imagine those days you woke up with a sound of a rooster crowing into your backyard saying good morning.
Visualize that you are sitting on a couch, listening to the humming birds as they sing a song for you, while reading a daily newspaper and sipping a cup of fresh cow's milk. And as you walk through the beautiful garden you can smell the sweet scent of those red and green apples ready to be picked.
The sunlight & cold breeze of air touches your face as you stroll along together with your furry pet dog on the green meadows. When the rain falls down children go out and play on the grassland with enjoyment and smile on their faces.
The water from the river irrigates the entire rice field. Fish swam freely in the fresh blue water of the riverbank. Villagers often ride a boat to get to the other side of the city. So beautiful to see the creation of nature plants, trees, flower blooms, everywhere surrounded by scenery bring peace of mind and calmness in our body and soul.

At present

Now moving on to the present time you will see a fast transformation wherein new innovations in modern technology was developed to make life easier for mankind. With the rise of computer technology man begin to change their way of life. A lot of people spend most of their time on the internet, searching for ideas, surfing, and working, watching videos and movies, listening to MP3 players, gaming, and chatting. Those are only few examples on how we make use of our time. Unlike before we feel more relaxed doing some activity like listening to the radio and watching television, reading books/newspaper/magazines, playing our favorite instrument. Man can now play their desired sports without going to the field since they can do it online. They play, buy/sell, shop, gamble, socialize, pay, and advertise, and so on. Anything is possible with the help of the new technology.

Today everything has changed we wake up in the morning with the sound of our customized ringtones coming out on very own mobile phones. Most of us forgot to take our breakfast because we need to rush going to our office. For people who prefer to commute and take a ride on a train they are now using card to pay the fare just like entering office building premises you need to swipe your security access badge in order to get in, same as through with the time in and time out .Inside the office a vending machine for coffee/milk/ tea is at your service 24/7.

Being one of the employee companies provides you with your own workstation facilities it can be a computer or laptop to work on and digital phone to support your communication needs. During break time you can listen to your iPods or mp3 players, play your favorite games on your mobile phones. After office hours you will go home and watch your favorite shows on your high definition television that automatically turns on in just one clap. Your house was equipped with CCTV to protect your assets against theft and intruders.

Going on a vacation you can carry with you your water proof underwater digital camera now you can explore and take a snapshot view of the ocean bed. Experience can now easily share with your friends thru the Wi-Fi technology. Access internet anytime anywhere you want using your high-tech touch screen mobile phones, I pads/ Tabs, net books and other devices now communication made easy, banking made easy pay your bills thru internet banking, request reservation thru online, check and transfer bank accounts, send email instantly.

Moms and baby sitters no need to worry if they carry with them their Smartphone /I phones /Android phones whatever gadgets they own because now they can easily download applications and choose a variety of sounds to pacify and put their baby to sleeping mode. A most convenient way for working moms in preparing meal planning and recipe for the day now with one touch of their finger cooking is so much fun and enjoying.

The government also uses computer software technology to keep database, files, and records in a way they can protect confidential information which can be accessed only by those authorized personnel. During national election instead of ballot boxes now to speed up the counting we employ the use of Electronic voting technology in some part of the world they already have this kind of voting system. In terms of solving crimes police department make use of the technology to track crimes and terrorism in other countries they have biometric face detection systems, gunfire detections and the newest technology shot spotter a gunshot detection system.

School libraries uses barcode reader to monitor the inventory of books and other reading materials borrowed in and out of the school campus. Supermarkets, Department stores and even small store owners use barcode system in determining the price of goods and products they had already sold.

You see these are just few things that mark changes to our life a transformation from simple to high-tech planet earth. Time will come all inventions will be more and more upgraded and humans will be replaced by robotic technology .This magnificent creation brought by our genius minds will rule the world in the near future, but keep in mind that we should always have our limitation and use those things properly and never take advantage of technology to ruin other peoples life let us be more vigilant and responsible enough to make decisions in whatever we do.


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