When Things Go Bump In The Night, What Gets Broken?

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The scariest things in life are not the things you can't see, but the things that you CAN.

When Things Go Bump In The Night, What Gets Broken?

As a child, I remember lying wide-eyed awake in my bed in the dark, hearing countless unexplained sounds, and watching eerie shadows float across the ceiling of my room, suspended only by moonlight. Sometimes I would close my eyes tightly, and put my hands over my ears, hoping beyond hope that if I couldn't see and couldn't hear whatever was lurking in the shadows--inside or out--it just simply didn't exist. That seemed to work.
Once, I happened to mention to my mom that sometimes things scared me at night and I couldn't sleep. She told me not to worry because the sounds I was hearing were being made by my guardian angels as they were settling in for the night, and they wouldn't bother me.
That made me feel a little better, knowing I had guardian angels watching over me. I wished they would be a little quieter, though. I guess it was just my luck to get clumsy, farsighted guardian angels, as they were always bumping into things. But, I never yelled at them. No sense in pushing my luck. At that age I needed all the help I could get.
As I grew older, I realized it probably wasn't my guardian angels making the sounds in the night. Not that I think my mother lied to me, I understand she was trying to give me comfort during a difficult period in my development. I still believe in guardian angels, I just don't think they are as clumsy as I first believed. So, that left me to wonder what was making all the bumps in thenight that continued to persist.
I won't step out so far as to make the bold statement that there are no such things as ghosts, spectres, spirits, phantoms or other paranormal occurences, but, I have never met one. I've never met a communist third-world dictator either, but we know they exist. So, who's to say what's out there and what isn't. I just know when you are five or six years old, there are a lot of things you hear, and think you see, that can scare the behoovers right out of you, no matter what anyone else tells you.
Though I now know every little creak I heard then wasn't the footsteps of Frankenstein's monster, and every loud screeching in the night wasn't the howl of the Wolfman, I will admit strange noises in the dark still tend to make me a tad uncomfortable.
Do you remember how it felt to be so afraid that your teeth chattered and your knees shook? In that exact moment I have never felt so alive in my life! Adrenalin had my heart pumping so fast I thought I would explode. In a weird kind of way, I almost enjoyed the thrill.
Creeping through the house looking for the source of the mysterious noise, I took each step carefully, as though it would be my last. I tried to refrain from breathing, so as not to be heard. I went to every door and window, systematically, peering cautiously out into the darkness. I didn't want to see a monster, but I was almost disappointed if I didn't.
If the search yeilded nothing, but the noises stopped, I felt I had at least scared the goblin away for a while. That gave me power. I could stand tall and be proud of myself. I had not exactly met the enemy, but he had felt my presence and tucked his unearthly tail between his legs and ran. Then, from out of the darkness, another sudden noise would break the silence, and I would take off, all my macho pride left smokin' in the dust. I would take that giant leap from the hallway and land frimly in the middle of my imagined fortress. Thank goodness I was safe back in my bed.
Looking back on it, I am amazed how safe I really felt in my own bed. Nothing could touch me once I got the covers pulled up. I don't know about yours, but bullets couldn't pierce my covers. My grandmother's homemade quilts could have stopped Hitler's advancing army! They made quilts better back then than they do now.
Somewhere in my late adolescence, I became addicted to the adrenalin rush. I began to look for opportunities that would present danger, the element of surprise, or at least a pretty good scare. I guess that's about the time I became labeled as, "too stupid to be scared."
The more I immersed myself in my dual careers as a journalist and EMT/Paramedic, the more I came to see there were indeed things out in the world that were truly frightening. But, the funny thing is none of the things scaring me now are from another world or another dimension. They've been mostly right here in my own backyard. I guess that adds fuel to the argument that truth is stranger than fiction. I have come to understand that reality is, most of the time, scarier than anything I can imagine. when you see first hand the injuries one human being can inflict upon another, you can't help being afraid.
The worst part of dealing with reality is that putting your hands over your ears, closing your eyes, or even pulling the covers over your head won't make the scary thing go away. Sometimes this makes it worse. If it were possible, I would trade just one of the real-life events I have witnessed for all the ghoulies, ghosties, and all the bumps in the night I could be subjected to. Maybe then, with the help of one of Grandma's quilts, I could make the world a better place.


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I am a middle-aged man still searching for what makes life complete. My areas of interest are music, health, emergency medicine, and elderly issues.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Sep 2013 (#)

Thought provoking Rick. We prove to be our own worst enemy and we have to step out of this vicious circle before we destroy this great gift of a planet that does not belong to us only - siva

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
16th Sep 2013 (#)

When we put our trust in the Loving Saviour Rick ....it puts all the lesser Scaries in their place .
Bless you

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