When You Don't Succeed (Unreleased, Finished)

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Here's an old poem from early 2016 I wrote about an experience I had. It can speak for itself. Hope you enjoy.

When You Don't Succeed (Unreleased, Finished)

Woke up with my hopes up
By the bedside
Three weeks, and to focus on a set grind
And lo, behold, I'd gone along way from home
The best time was when in motion
I know what satan's goals is
The notions, the cafeteria, I entered in
The campus ain't too bad
I see biscuits, toasts, other different dishes
Then the cold again, to hit the road
And get into these notes
The wind is blowing again, and I'm woke
Thinking how long it's been
Twenty sixteen, and I'm hopeful
This year, I'm 'sposed to win
Wholly being committed, to growth
So no can see me fail
Weh' love it when I get in this mode
I go for CDL, and maybe make a couple of dollars
To move out mama's house
And view a few horizons that I never seen before
I squeeze the door handle shut
Life is crazy
I'm pushing seventy miles, on the interstate
Trying to tame it
Until the exit route, instructor says my efforts are stable
I punch the clutch first, to brake, before I get up on that light
Or cars in front of me
Downshift, a square, I'm turning right
And it's another route, houses, fences, mailboxes
Close to the road...
Narrow lanes, shift it up to 'bout a four, letting it coast
I'm more astounded by the fact I actually had attraction
For it
Made it back into the dorm that night
My roommates snoring
Thought, the written part is hardest, crash course
I passed but did or didn't have some other aspect
Other happenings, much of which, I value the thought
'Cause even when you don't succeed
You still have what you're taught...


Failure, Growth, Life, School, Success, Truth

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