When You're on Fire, Stop,Drop and Roll

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An examination of the mid-term elections for the Senate, House of Representatives and State Governorships.


On Tuesday, November 4th, the Republican Party was on fire. Its candidates thrashed those of the Democratic Party. The Republicans swept to majority rule in the Senate, 54 Republicans, to 44 Democrats and 2 Independents. They increased their majority in the House of Representatives, 244 Republicans to 179 Democrats. They also captured some extra state governorships, 31 Republicans to 18 Democrats and 1 independent. Now the Republicans have to STOP, DROP and ROLL. They must STOP Obama, DROP Obama care and ROLLback Obama's left-wing ideologies and policies.

Add it all up

The American people have spoken! According to recent polls 65% of them think the country is going in the wrong direction. By President Obama's own admission his policies were on the ballot along with his fellow Democrats. His economic policies have not worked. Take-home pay for the average American has dropped. His approval rating is at a dismal 39%. He should learn not to play golf while Americans are being beheaded overseas and the threat of Ebola is on the horizon.
The Democrats should learn not to play the race card or the war on women card. Democratic Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader and his acolytes have been pushing this agenda. It was Reid who has blocked most of the meaningful reform bills allowing bad policies continue. 360 of these bills are still sitting on his desk.
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell will now become Senate majority leader. The American people aren't buying this anymore. Add it all up and you have the vote on November 4th.

No humility

President Obama has become disconnected from the American people, if he was ever connected to them in the first place. He showed no humility in his post election press conference. He has nothing to lose now. He says that he is looking forward to working with the Republicans. This is just another of his many lies. We will have to put up with his lack of credibility and lack of good intentions for the next two years. In the same press conference he threatened to use his power of Executive Order to pass immigration reform policies. He wants to give 16 million illegal immigrants amnesty. It has been suggested that this may be an impeachable offense.

Nice try!

Bill and Hillary Clinton even stumped for Democratic candidates. It didn't work. The American people are wise to both of them through bitter experience and they couldn't pull a vote out of the cemetery.
Democrats spent $1.76 billion in advertising in the election to the Republicans $1.19 billion. In the last presidential election it is estimated that 1 million illegal aliens registered to vote. But, the Democrats say there is no voter fraud.

Duck and Cover

Will the Republicans be able to stay together this time? If they can they could win the White House in 2016. If that happens the Democrats will be adopting the, "DUCK AND COVER,"policy.

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Stop, Drop and Roll

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author avatar tafmona
8th Nov 2014 (#)

I love the photos in the post

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author avatar Retired
8th Nov 2014 (#)

Hear, hear! Excellent post! Accurate, well stated, and right on target!

Next, we have to elect Wisconsin re-elected governor, Scott Walker, for president in 2016, the antithesis of everything Obama stands for.

Stop, drop, and roll is a great strategy for Republicans now, but the figurative fire in Republican bellies to turn this nation around should continue to burn brightly for all Americans.

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