When children don't gel together

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Sometimes children form little groups that face off. Some kinds of people just dont get along.

When children don't gel together

I'm invited to Karlien's birthday party early this morning.

I've been at birthday parties before, so I expect there to be a lot of kids and noise and cooldrink and snacks and sweets.

I arrive there, but there are no kids other than Karlien and her friend Charity. They're sitting in their restaurant booth in their kitchen. Come to think of it, I wonder where they got this booth. This isn't really household furniture is it? It's more like something you'd expect at a steak ranch or some kind of restaurant.

Anyway, the three of us sit in the booth and eat those cones with marshmallow instead of ice cream on top. Delicious!

Charity can speak Afrikaans but she seems like they are more English orientated at home. Karlien has learned some English words by now and she loves to practise it with Charity, or show off in front of me, dunno what her sometimes English words are for. I think Karlien also attends an English preschool on some days.

I don't know if my shunning away from English has to do with how people always recall how the English have commited genocide and perpetrated a holocaust against our nation, and kept our people in "death camps" or "concentration camps" where they let them die of disease and hunger and feeding them ground up glass in their food and burned innocent people's houses down and whatever else the legends of our victimized grandmothers and their parents' legends recall about the despecable human rights violations evil low scum like Cecil John Rhodes have implemented, or if it's just because I don't know the language so I don't like it.

Probably the latter. It's just not for me right now and not knowing it I can't understand what Charity and Karlien are saying when they do.

That and Charity seems to take me for a naughty boy or something. Whatever I do she has a comment that hints of sarcasm. I get playful with them but only Karlien goes with it while Charity is slightly snobby, but of course being subtle to hide any meanness. She seems to think she's too grown up to converse with me, and I of course know she's just a mere child like me so let's have fun!!

Anyway I want to play now but it doesn't seem like Karlien can just let her hair down and play with me, when she also has to give Charity her attention. Don't know if Charity thinks she's too mature to play kids' games but the atmosphere just doesn't seem to get loose and jolly with her around.

We play outside but it seems our conversation has now just gotten to a war of words. Charity climbs into a peach tree from where she spews her poisonous words, while Karlien and I have sort of teamed up against her throwing whatever saythings at her.

Anyway, Charity goes home and it seems now we can play. Karlien and I have our fun as usual.

Another day I tell Mother I'm going over to Karlien's. But when I get there, it seems either her mother had observed our interactions through the window and saw that us kids don't get along, or Karlien and her discussed it.

Whichever the case, Karlien can't say something to me she seems to have on her mind so she takes me to her mother. Her mother tells me they now have a new rule that Karlien can play with me one day, and then play with Charity another day. Today she must go play with Charity. I must leave.

Whatever then. Frankly I didn't see the charm in Charity that time, but Karlien can do what she likes so off I go back home. Maybe she just likes variety.

Mother asks me why I'm home so soon and I tell her. Mother doesn't know about the episode with Charity so she wonders what's going on now; Karlien and I have been bossom buddies for years, so her sending me home to play with someone else is strange. Mother did not believe it was possible for Karlien and I to feel that we overstay our welcomes in each other's companies. So now I can only go play "when it's my turn"?

Well, I guess I have to wait my turn then.

Fortunately the "turn" thing doesn't last long before the rule just dissipates into the past. Friendship can't be scheduled into portions.


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