When the Collapse Comes.... DO NOT ABANDON YOUR JOBS!

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The world situation is bleak, and a financial collapse (by design) is imminent. When that happens people must know what NOT to do in order prevent riots and anarchy in the streets.

For the people it simply must be "Business as usual," only this time WITHOUT the apparent convenience of money, but much better than ANY amount of money!

What NOT to do when the system collapses!

Do not allow your supervisor to keep the doors locked on you.

Do not allow company security at the gates to keep you from returning to work. At that point the factory is yours, and belongs no longer to financial oligarchs who merely are an extension to money men who claim they own it all.

Do not riot or incited violence.

Proceed on with your "business as usual!"

The farmers will continue to grow crops, and receive their machinery from all outlets FOR FREE, simply because returning workers will not allow the production of farm equipment to become shut down.

All police will return to work without the promise of pay, simply because no rent needs be paid, gasoline is free because refineries keep working, and the supermarket doors remain open BECAUSE ALL MONEY TILLS HAVE BEEN REMOVED! No flow of food is disrupted because money is no longer needed to bring it about.

There will be no riots in the streets because everyone will be busy to keep all needed goods and services flowing WITHOUT MONEY.

All doctors’ offices and hospitals will remain open.

The teachers on schools and universities will keep teaching students that seek an education.

And the most brilliant minds in the land will have no more opposition to continue their free-energy research and offer these devices for mass production to the general population in return for having no longer a cost factor to living on this planet to deal with.

"They" plan to hit us with a financial collapse!

My friends, please spread the word of the above statements!

The elites are planning a global financial collapse, and you must know how to react!

You will be the target of destruction when they call in the loans (debts) or confiscate your monies from your own bank accounts. At that point you must know what NOT to do.

More "Don't do""s!




Learn to participate in keeping the wheels of an economy going by not expecting a pay cheque at the end of the week or month, but see yourself as a productive, participating member of a large society, with gratitude toward others who by their own continued participation will provide you with all you stand in need of for a comfortable life!


As a people it is your opportunity to show the bankers that you as a society can function much better than they expected you to when they began withholding their money from you in the first place, and that they by doing so ACTUALLY DID YOU A FAVOUR AND GAVE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO EVOLVE INTO THE NEXT PHASE OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL EVOLUTION IN WHAT IS FINALLY A JOYFUL EXISTENCE!

Agree to never again tolerate slavery!

Before you could never work hard enough for a mere life in dignity, but now, after you learned that a life WITHOUT money actually gives you true freedom, you will never again wish to slave away for the good of someone else who simply does not care about what happens to you when their system sends you into hard times.

Spread this word, my friends.

If this information will not become solid understanding among all people everywhere, then chaos will ensue, panic will rule the streets, and people will become violent toward you, sufficient to kill you in stealing your last slice of bread!

Some Industries MUST be discontinued!

And what happens to the people whose industries must be discontinued just because the activities in them is unethical or cruel? Certainly we cannot encourage employees of the pharmaceutical industry to continue producing poisonous medications nor allow worker to go back to industries making land mines or white phosphorus bombs for burning people alive.

It is therefore my suggestion that they go back to their plants and design offices with firm instructions to ONLY PRODUCE HOLISTIC MEDICATIONS WHICH HEAL THE PEOPLE AND NOT MAKE THEM SICKER, and people in the weapons industry will have a busy time to convert their factories into making commodities people need for making their lives easier.

Furthermore all industries which by nature inflict cruelties on animals - domestic or otherwise - must be shut down and the people's eating habits shift over to a vegan diet which will give them much better health. Under that regime slaughterhouses will become a thing of the past.

And what about all the people employed in them who then have no industry or "job" to go back to? THEY WILL NOT BE DENIED ACCESS TO THE TOTALITY OF ALL THE FINE THINGS SOCIETY AT THAT POINT PRODUCES FOR ALL, and be given the opportunity and time to re-train to become productive in other professions.


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My ideal is to awaken all national leaders and all people under their care equally to the fact that we as a human family have arrived at the crossroad to a New Era.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th Aug 2017 (#)

Reni, thank you for sharing this information and congratulations on the gold star at the top of your page. This is excellent advice for all of us. There will always be the ones that take to the street. It is inevitable. I hope the good wins out over the bad.

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
24th Sep 2017 (#)

Hi, Nancy, just noticed your comment now. Thank you kindly. When the "dirt" hits the fan, so to speak, people must know what to do, and also what NOT to do. :)

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
3rd Nov 2017 (#)

When the collapse comes – a short detailed response – Uthrania Seila
October 5 2017

It is important we feel to now detail a few events which need take place when the peoples turn their faces toward a system which need feed them as of the immediate hour.

For instance, and to keep this short, it would be necessary to calculate the number of peoples in relation to the ration of food in stores and remember when all currency in all manner of format including digital and chipping is gone so will the number of persons whom could either not afford food or could afford few staples, will have immediately grown in number for the produce available.

Add to this the calculation that all meat, fish, chicken, seafood and that of the three latter being the flesh of sentient beings as well, and including the dairy, and eggs will be off the shelves.

In the mass production of eggs, for example, hens and their chicks are being treated with such grave horror that eggs will be pulled off the shelves simply by not being replenished, for cause of the health of the animals and the peoples alike.

So you will have a shortage in the food industry per capita. In addition, you will be dealing with the snow and other weather catastrophes.

With the amount of feed, the grain, which will be saved from the amount cattle, for instance, consume for butchering purposes, yes, this will be converted into food for the peoples yet the animals also need their portion.

However, under severe weather conditions it is impossible to grow and cultivate enough food to feed the millions as they demand it on the spot for the stores will shortly be depleted of their food and riots will ensue because of it.

A hungry stomach knows no reason.

So you wish to bring in food on a purchase order which is fine.

But it may be wise to remember that the nations you wish to deal with are not able to assist due to invasions, drought, floods, famines and so on.

Other nations are not happy with how they have been treated and when they see for instance Americans going without they may think twice about dealing at all with them save that their humanity may well gauge themselves more toward compassion than they themselves have been given.

*It is necessary therein to first calculate the number of people vs. the quantity of food staples available in each sector. These sectors need to be divided into districts for instance where people can take their list of necessary goods and hand them into each main sector council whom then calculate the overall total of each category of said goods per district before handing the report into a central council whose job it is then to acquire such goods through a purchase order from other nations in return for what those nations need; and in the case of the United States, for instance, well, they may have little to offer left, for monetary means will eventually become a thing of the past enabling them to no longer hold monetary blackmail and subservience over the heads of unfortunate nations sanctioning them back into the stone age with horrendous debt to Wall Street and the once-established banking capital over the peoples of the nations, and to their own detriment, for no one wants their GMO crops of which they will need for their own peoples until such crops and self-serving itinerary runs out in the latter part of the term of those who gut their own nation as well as the world markets – no more. – Uthrania Seila (Rania and Jamie)

*portion slightly revised from one of my two blueprints

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
3rd Nov 2017 (#)

Thank you, Uthrania, for your extensive comment and expansion of thought. When people at that time retain their cool heads, then the issue of fair distribution of available resources will be handled quite nicely for as long as greed can be held in check by the imposition of order and fairness.

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