"When the Law Becomes an Ass!" - A Brief Analysis Of Criminal Code 319(2) of Canadian Law - Part Two

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At the moment Canada is suffering once again a case against an informed citizen who has taken liberty to warn Canadians on his website radicalpress.com of the dangers coming from a self-proclaimed elitist group in their efforts to rob us, the people, of our last remaining bastions of fundamental rights - in this case the right to free speech.

This article is Part Two of Four. Thank you for your interest.

Supreme Court of Canada in Error!

RYLEY, Alberta, Canada, November 14, 2012, by Reni Sentana-Ries

None of the following may be considered legal advice. It merely reflects my own opinion.

As could be expected, various cases arose where the odd one filtered through all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada. There it was decided in 1996 that C. C. 319(2) ...the Criminal Code section on public incitement of hatred does infringe on the Charter — but that infringement is justified... (paraphrased). A hair-raising conclusion by some judges, if I have ever seen one!

The split decision by the highest court referred back to Charter of Rights
paragraph 1) which states: 1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. And who in heaven’s name is to decide what is to be “demonstrably justified” to permit the limitation of free speech? The politicians in Ottawa, of whom most of them feel no loyalty to Canadians and their rights in the first place?

Not all judges agreed, thankfully, but their in-house democratic process overruled reason, and hence the trap had been laid for all future free-speech advocates, who believe a free society should also permit a display of all positive - howbeit critical - thoughts and ideas as they contest freely with each other on a level playing field.

The Supreme Court of Canada put a stop to that part of mankind’s basic right, and backed crooked politicians, who gave us this 319 law in the first place!

Speech Chaos in Canada! License to Subvert the Nation!

In spite of all the contention in the land this law has created, it was never repealed, but is still being enforced on people today who use the internet in an informative and responsible manner to freely disclose information which reveals subversive activities by certain “identifiable groups,” bent on undermining, infiltrating, and exploiting the majority of civilization everywhere.

Some call this activity “conspiracy,” and they call criticism of these activities “spreading hate.” In Canada the latter are now using C.C. 319 to silence the former, for open scrutiny of topics being discussed in public would simply reveal total lack of words wherewith conspirators could possibly defend themselves.

While they control the political apparatus, the people don’t even control the law system under which elitists condemn users of free speech who are telling on them and the CONSPIRACY they run!

We Do Have SLANDER Laws Which Should Suffice!

When we speak of “free speech,” we do not include slander or foul and abusive language, for slander is already identified within the criminal code as a criminal offense, and rightfully so has no open “hate” stigma attached to it, but is being dealt with as it should by the courts.

So why then has truth-telling become equated with “hate-mongering” if not for the purpose of silencing the voices that finger point people or groups involved in activities they wish to hide from public exposure?

Even the law as it stands today could some time in the future become a two-edged sword should it ever be applied evenhandedly.

More on this topic in Part Three. If it does not come up as a link, please copy and paste it into your browser.

-Reni Sentana-Ries, former victim of this perverse law.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Oct 2016 (#)

Think Sam should read it and look back into what he did back in the day in his high-handedness of all suggestions given to him back then.
I wish him well.

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