When the dog barks

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This is a true story that may even change your way of thinking. Have you ever wondered why dogs bark through the night?

When the dog barks

Have you ever wondered why the dog barks through the night? It was a quiet place. Somewhat like a desert; stranded, hot, and lost was how I felt here. I'm Rameel, an orphan. My story goes a long way back. It's a story that has changed my life, but has also given me knowledge of the unknown.

I remember my parents telling me " Rameel, you only have one set of parents, listen and love them while you can". Quite deep to grasp, yet so simple to do. Then why didn't I?
Growing up I met with all sorts of people. Drug addicts, chocoholics, insane, sane, rich, poor, you name it. They all were quite similar to me, nothing new about them. Eat, sleep work is what I describe them as. BUT, there was this one person who looked as if she came from a different planet. Attractive, she was. It was like a trance.
The funny thing was I always used to see her at the time of 3 PM as well as 3AM. I randomly woke up at 3 am and would look out my window and there she was staring at me. At 3 PM if I was in the market or heading back from college, there she would be.
One night I woke up at 3AM, obviously. Looked out my window and saw her walking away. My feet forced me to follow her and I did. Biggest mistake of my life.
She walked me across town and took me to a deserted area . It had only grass and no buildings for miles off. I didn't even remember how I got there. Out of nowhere all these people appeared. I asked " what's going on" ? Then there faces started to change. It was too scary to describe. I covered my eyes, but she moved my hands from my face with the tip of her nails. She started to cry and laugh. They warned me to drive the few people that live in this place away. I asked why? Jinn that's why? I remember now. Those stories were true. Those creatures that walk the night. My cousin Mustafa, my aunt Salma, all gone and never to be seen again. These creatures were here before us. They want us dead, gone and FINISHED. Now it all came back to me. Every time I saw her dogs were barking. My mother told me the dog is that creation that can see what we cannot. It can see the jinn.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post, our fellow travelers have certain perception that we do not have - siva

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