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It describes the way in which people should relate to each other, gives opinions and condemns violence while also taking a look at respect and how it influences relatiionships

The gentle touch

I look through all the papers and they are seldom free of any violence towards either women or children. The power of touch cannot be underestimated - it can either attract or repel and there are few if any occasions where the effect of touch doesn't fall in either of these two categories. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, none of us are is innocent of some kind of situation in which we have hurt a loved one. It is inevitable that there will be such situations as we are human and we make several huge mistakes in our relationships.

However it is the situations where we start to intimidate, belittle or disrespect our loved ones (or anyone else for that matter) to the point where we strike fear,uncertainty, humiliation and sadness in their hearts which cannot be excused. The way in which we touch or interact with people can, at times, either make or break them. We can either bring misery or joy to people's lives. In god's eyes noone has the right to endanger anyone (including themselves) , physically or in any other way.

When we touch people, why not do it in a way that we see sparkle in their eyes, energy in their movements, and laughter in their voices? Isn't that the way in which we'd like to be touched? We should make sure that when we touch people that they long for that touch again rather have nightmares about it. People should be delighted to see us instead of fearing our presence. It doesn't cost much to be loving every once in a while but creating misery and conflict helps nobody. Between any two individuals respect is crucial to their realtionship and violence or roughness and lack of tact is detrimental in that regard. Attacking anyone's dignity, whether intentionally or not, is a sure way to destroy any relationship.

There is no harm in showing people the softer side of us. It is the gentle touches, words, gestures and even body language (such as smiles) that can open the doors to people's hearts. Only the soft side of our nature can send the message to people that we care and that is safe to allow us into their lives. Face it - nobody likes to interact with someone who doesn't have a softer side or is incapable of showing that softer side or who chooses not to show that softer side. The reason to that lies in the fact that people need that soft touch the most when they are going through tough times.

Chemistry can only be created when two people are totally comfortable with each other, the same can be said about the love between any two or more individuals or groups. That comfort can only be there with the safety factor, and the safety factor comes from the knowledge that the special individual cannot hurt them in anyway. So when we touch someone let's just make sure it's the soft touch.

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4th Jun 2012 (#)

Nice Article, thanks for sharing

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4th Jun 2012 (#)

A nicely written human angle article. Thanks.

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