Where Have All Our Freedoms Gone?

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The United States a nation conceived in Liberty continues to succumb to the greed and indifference of corporate greed and our own government.

Where Have All Our Freedoms Gone?

"Where have all our freedoms gone? Long time passing; Where have all our jobs gone? Long long time ago; Where have all our soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards every one. When will we ever learn?" A parody on an old Kingston Trio hit. But, very apropos for today.

We are in an age of perplexing and often confusing situations and circumstances that most people find themselves being lured into. Either by design or by sheer dumb luck; We the hapless individuals are now victims of a pretentious and calculating sphere of influence that has penetrated our whole society. No longer is our society destined to remain an individualistic one but rather we are being slowly manipulated into a more socialistic and even more totalitarian with no chance of reverting back to the society of say the 20th century when the American citizen relished in the freedoms that were bestowed upon us by the United States Constitution.

I can recall my father and my grand father both had the freedoms that enabled them to be so self reliant and independent. Not only in their frame of mind but in the actions that were undertaken to ensure that their standard of living not only remained unchanged but increased all through-out their lives. As a child of the 50's our lives consisted of being taught self reliance, compassion, humility, and respect for all living things. A thirst for knowledge and self fulfillment has carried my ambitions all through-out my life only to see in this the 21st century the monumental shift of core values that were the basis of my life to be eroded so greatly that today our youth and even our young adults have squandered the liberties and values that were the basic foundation of the centuries old core of the United States of America.

Sure, the evolution of technologies has had a most startling impact of the way society and the United States has evolved but it is us, the citizens, of this country that has reduced the American publics ability to remain independent thinkers by the statutes, passed legislation, so called treaties {For a global economy} and Supreme Court rulings that all have rendered the United States citizens helpless in maintaining any semblance to the culture, our heritage, and the ability to remain an individualistic and self reliant society.

I tend to agree that the direction the United States is headed is way off course. In fact, if we, the citizens can't come together and unite behind a common purpose { that being the preservation of our heritage and the stability of being a self reliant society } this once great nation will indeed fall into an abyss of economic and social depravation that would be almost impossible to climb out of.

When America has the largest prison population of any nation, when the United States trade deficit is strangling the economy here, when our national debt is in the hands of foreign countries, when our current national unemployment rate is in double digits and in fact in every major city across the United States the unemployment rate for African Americans is closer to 30% and the list keeps growing with each passing day. It is no wonder that the United States is in very deep trouble.

It is long over due that our elected officials especially the President take a real solemn look at the landscape of America today. Equate that with our society of the 50's and 60's utilizing the technologies of today but with the social values of a time passed as a way for this country to begin the long road back toward the heritage that was created by our founding fathers.


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nice article

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