Where do Skunks come from?

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A fictional story about the origin of skunks. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Main story

There once was a rabbit scientist named "Skunk". He loved working in his laboratory. While all the other rabbits went about playing and eating, he would keep to himself in his lab and that was how he liked it.

One day, there was a very loud sound. It was a gunshot. The hunters are in the forest hunting for rabbits.

When the rabbits heard this, they panic. They started screaming in horror and ran helter-skelter. Skunk heard the screams and came out to investigate. He caught a hold of one of the running rabbits and found out about the hunters.

He announced to the other rabbits, "Don't worry, I have a plan!"

He proceeded to provide each of the rabbit’s stink bombs. They planned their attack on the hunters.

The hunters were no match to the army of rabbits and were easily sent packing.

After that Skunk became a hero and was constantly showered with attention and gifts. He wasn't used to the attention but liked it and soon became very stuck up. The rabbits soon didn't like him again. While he was previously shunned, now he was avoided.

Skunk demanded the rabbits to build an elaborate lab for him. The rabbits gladly did it even though they did not have the required skills. The lab was completed and looked exactly like the plan Skunk drew.

Skunk was so happy with the lab and immediately wanted to use it. He didn't bother to check if it had followed his safety features and design.

As soon as he started, the lab blew up and he was all covered with various chemicals. His fur turned black with some white stripes (his original color). He also swallowed some of the chemicals used to make stink bomb. As a result, he looks very much like the skunk you see today.

After the accident, he realized his mistake and shied away from any crowd. That is why you will notice skunks are usually shy and keep away from other animals especially rabbits.


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author avatar passion4life
17th Dec 2010 (#)

nice read, I like that, thanks for sharing:)

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author avatar Denise O
18th Dec 2010 (#)

Well now I kno why i stunk to high heaven one summer visiting Nana. LOL
Nice read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
18th Dec 2010 (#)

strovek, when I posted on your last page, I was saying to ignore the fool above me.
Well, I don't now if you had already seen it but, some fool came under a vulgar name and was leaving nasty hateful messages. I was responding to that fool.
Wikinut has since deleted their comments, yet my remain.
If you didn't see the fool that posted before me, you might of thought I was losing it. LOL
I just wanted to clear that up.

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author avatar Strovek
20th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks. I was wondering about that.

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