Where does the word boycott come from?

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Origin of the word boycott and how it became a peaceful way to struggle.

Where does the word boycott come from?

It couldn´t be otherwise. I comes originally from Ireland.
Charles Cunningham Boycott was Count Erme´s administrator in the beautiful County Mayo in mid 19th Century when the Irish labourers, fed up with their living and working conditions, decided to face him up. They strove for better working conditions, a fair share of the land and lower rents. Charles didn´t agree with this, firing the folks that were in the Irish Land League. Then, another Charles, that was, Charles Parnell as president of such a League, suggested to them a non-violent way to struggle for their demands. He told them not to work or serve him. Thus, nobody worked on the Count´s lands and his administrator had to bring in labourers from the North as well as soldiers and 1000 policemen, although, he was not in danger and this was more expensive for him than meeting their demands.
The local shops wouldn´t sell or provide him with goods and the postman wouldn´t deliver his post. He became more an more isolated until he had to give in to meet the labourers´s demands.
They won and since that time, The Times set the phrase "Boycott" to refer to this non-violent form of struggle.
Others have used it since the times of Charles Cunningham Boycott such as Gandhi in India.
It´s indeed a powerful, but non-violent way of struggle to achieve to get something be it to get electricity prices down as it´s going on at this time in Spain, to not buy items for whatever the reason we may feel they aren´t to be bought.
It´s very powerful and efficient one, provided that thousands of people, if not millions, join in.
Should there be something that isn´t fair, do call to boycott it. The more people agree to join in, the better results and on these days, we´ve social networks to help a bit with the task.
Few days ago, it was announced on the newspapers, that electricity was going to go up by 11% in Spain and it was going to be the fourth time this basic commodity would go up in a year and an 11% rise was/is way too much. Therefore, on December 30th 2013, everybody have been called to switch off their electricity supplies. If several millions join in, it could create to the electricity companies a big problem apart from the money they´ll lose, because when there´s a general blackout, there´re generators will break and they´ll have to fix them. The government has already come up calling, saying that it won´t be 11%, but 9 or 8%. However, the call to boycott them, switching off the lights everywhere, is still on: three increases in a row are far too many increases in a country with six million unemployed.

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25th Dec 2013 (#)

I thought some boy must have been caught ....
the way those days
...when it was not accepted that way...
as you all now openly say why not gay? let them have their way

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25th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice post and by the way my friend have yourself a very Merry Christmas for you and your family!

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