Where is our compassion stand?

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We need to stop playing games with God and start showing compassion.


When someone speaks about the poor, destitute, suffering, disadvantaged, forgotten, downtrodden and abused, we should listen. Compassion should come from the depths of our heart, with the passion of a painful heart towards others. The pain of others should feel like our pain.

Our heart's desire should be to move towards helping them and see the joy in our heart of what we did. We will become a part of them. We should have sympathy without worrying about color, caste, race, poverty, sickness, or whatever.

There is only one person who moved in this world with great compassion - Jesus. When he saw mankind living without a shepherd and saw their spiritual apathy, sickness, and suffering, he came to this world. He left his heavenly majesty, humbling himself and took on a human body to preach about the kingdom of God.

While he was in the world he was not only concerned about the spiritual things but also physical conditions. When thousands of people followed him to hear his preaching, he was concerned about their hunger. He fed thousands with small resources, making it into plenty.

Today many are poor, hungry, homeless, suffering. In America I have noticed that the people involved in charities and non-profits are living in mansions. They have plenty of food and clothes, beautiful cars, and are not familiar with suffering.

Mother Teresa had compassion towards the poor. She left the Catholic convent and started a ministry as her heart led the way. She left what she called 'the comfort of Loreto' (in Ireland) and desired to remain and do whatever God's will wanted. I think she is a good example for the American religious leaders. I think she is the only one in the world who followed the life of Jesus. Many told me that she is a Catholic - for what? When she saw a suffering person, she said she saw her Jesus in that suffering person.

I admire Mother Teresa. When she started her mission she started in a small room beside a Hindu temple. It became a safe haven for millions of suffering people. I saw the Missionaries of Charity (the congregation established by her, consisting of over 4000 sisters). The sisters do a service nobody can do. They are surrounded by the poor and needy. That is the real human service.

Real compassion is living a life with nothing. There are few individuals who have lived a sacrificial life for others in different mission fields. I admire those individuals.

Today there are people showing themselves as compassionate but living like kings without a crown. Their life is only for making money. Their compassion is toward their wife and children only.

My Jesus, when he was in this world, walked by the Sea of Galilee. His desire was to seek and save that which was lost. When a tragedy happened to Mary and Martha, he was there. He was where he needed to be when Lazarus died. Jesus wept. He raised Lazarus from the dead, though his body was in the tomb for days.

I know many pastors and missionaries in other nations. They don't like the poor. They never like to support the poor kids. There are many greedy religious leaders: because of this, the poor become miserable.

One day you will be judged - no questions. I am sick of seeing all the improper activities among so-called Jesus followers. It is a shame many Christian leaders deposit money in Swiss bank accounts.

In October 2008, I was shot by an African American young man while I was in Durham, North Carolina. I was in ICU for 18 days and then sent to India (my native land). The one who sent me back to India was the pastor of the church where I was working. I worked for that church for 6 years in Chapel Hill. I went through major surgery. My right shoulder was dislocated when I got shot, because of my fall. The pastor tried to send me home. I was in great pain and I was fed with liquid food and had 4 tubes coming out of my body to drain the toxins.

The pastor asked me to go home. I once thought she was the best pastor I had ever met, but when I was suffering and fighting for my life, she wanted to release me and send me back to India. I thought: Lord, I worked faithfully for many years for her and her church. Where is their compassion stand? Most of the people from the church never visited me while I was in the hospital.

The church sponsored me, to help me get my green card, so it was their responsibility to take care of me until 2011. They did not want to do that. They talked to the doctors. I went to India with a deep wound and an unhealed right hand. I left at 9:30 am, and the journey was very bad.

I had severe pain in my belly and shoulder. I could not even walk. I was not able to carry my luggage. I was fighting with the airline people. At last, they arranged a taxi and sent me to the terminal I needed to go to. The people who arranged my journey did not make the arrangement properly. It was a horrible journey.

The flight home to India was on Kuwait Airways and I had a layover in Kuwait. I needed to lay down somewhere, change my bandage and clean my wounds. I could not find a place. I was waiting for my flight for about 6 hours to get my connection flight to Trivandrum (my hometown). My belly was full of blood. My socks and clothes were covered in blood. I covered my belly with my jacket, because I did not want them to stop my journey.

Kuwait to India was more than 5 hours long. I was praying to my Lord: Please don't let me die on this plane, please help me get home and see my family. I was in great pain all the way. I counted the minutes until I touched down in Trivandrum. I felt comfortable when I saw my family in the airport.

I still think Christians are different from others. They are compassionate, but when some tragedy happened most of them departed from me. The pastor I worked for in Chapel Hill told me not to tell anyone what happened to me. It would be a shame for her, because she kicked me out of her facility. Alot of evil things happened to me by the hands of the compassionate crooks.

If something had happened to her son or daughter, what would she have done? She sent me home to India, on a 36 hour journey as a wounded man with many pains and suffering. My preaching of good messages or sermons meant nothing to that church she led.

Jesus said if you do not know how to love your brother who is visible, then how can you love your God who is invisible. I see alot of suffering, tears, helplessness, sickness, abuse, disappointment. I see the depressed and oppressed, the homeless and hungry kids, the disadvantaged. Where is our compassion stand?



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I have been in the ministry for over 40 years, helping the poor and the needy, to help people support themselves.

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author avatar Jack Vorster
5th Nov 2011 (#)

I am sorry to hear of the way you were treated. Your love for Jesus will not go unrewarded. Please continue to trust in Him. And I would love to have the name of that Pastor and I hope she is not one of those of TBN fame.

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author avatar Selvaraj
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Just thought you should know, your son is my ghostwriter.

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author avatar Selvaraj
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you for reading my article.I am the best friend of your son Rhett.Thank god for the connection.He always Talk about you.thank you again

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author avatar Denise O
21st Dec 2011 (#)

I am sorry this happened to you, just awful. I hope all is well now. Thank you for sharing.:)

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