Wherever I Go, I Will Always Carry You Along

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Goodbye is the hardest word to say. This is a poem coming from someone who is about to leave an environment he is so attached to.

Nearer it comes

This time never seem to come
but right from the beginning
it stood by the door
and never knocked.

Nearer it comes
but acting like a mirage
allowing me privileges,
opportunities, experiences
and Life itself.

Friends & Acquaintances

Is it the Joy
of having new friends and family?
Or drinking from the cup
of new acquaintances?

Is it the adventure
of a different environment?
And its ability to
create a new personality in me?

I'll surely miss them all
and all that took part
in making my completeness a reality.

to friends & instructors

I divide my heart into six portions
to my friends,
who are a bridge
to where I am today
and served as the paddle
for my sail to greatness.

to my instructors,
both great and small
who showed me the path
with less thorns and stones
and open my eyes
to see beyond the hill.

to dears & mere acquaintances

to my 'dears'
who balanced my Life
and made my manly wholeness
an actualization.

to simple acquaintances
who shared the fruit of life
from a distance
and protected our respect
like a new born child.

to critics & haters

to critics
who increased the magnitude of my consciousness
and are always there
when I'm about to fall.
Irrespective of their motive
have kept my reputation
as strong as the toughest compounds of carbon.

To haters,
you make me stay in the right path
and refrained me
from crossing the thin line
between fantasy and reality.
Notwithstanding your contempt
my love for and to you remains
bountiful and pure.


Goodbyes are the hardest words
to say.
But your smiles
are in my genes
and your helping hands,
make up my memories.
And your love is what I see
when my eyes stay closed.

Though we say goodbyes now
I'll always carry you along
wherever I go.
In tears, I say..................

The Soul Talkers

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Acquaintances, Compounds Of Carbon, Consciousness, Fantasy, Goodbyes, Mirage, Opportunities, Privileges, Reality, Reputation, Wholeness

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A medical Practitioner and a passionate writer. A proud published Author of 2 books, more than 2,000 articles online and 500 Poems!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Jul 2013 (#)

You have taken the next momentous step in your literary career, Funom and shown others the way forward to realize their full potential. But a hard act to follow! Congratulations and best of luck. I hope the goodbye is temporary - siva .

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Jul 2013 (#)

this is so wonderful dear Funom...congratulations and we will always be knowing of each other no matter where we go...

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author avatar Funom Makama
28th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks a lot siva and cnwriter

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Jul 2013 (#)

Excellent Funom .... I like the way you see the different people in your life .
Bless you

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