Whether i get annoyed easliy, No i am NOT.

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What are the occasions when you resolve to express patience and occasions when you will get annoyed, still keep your calm. When you will just express your feelings and literally fly off the handle?

Whether i will get annoyed that easily, no i am NOT, usually.

When do I get annoyed? Well that is a question that is to be answered after a thought process rather than giving an off-the-cuff reply. Dawn to dusk nowadays world gives you number of occasions to be annoyed. How much you can refrain yourself in expressing it or suppressing the urge to show matters much. But there are occasions where you should throw caution to the wind and give a piece or two of your mind to the person responsible for the same. Now to come back to the question as to when do “I” get annoyed. Let me contemplate a little.
You are at your Personal Computer working at a feverish pitch to meet a deadline, either your boss has given you or the editor of the daily whom you promised an article this week. You are giving your heart, soul and the required energy to see that the deadline is met, that too not just by quantity but also by quality. Then the mobile buzzes, you pick up the call and find that it is the editor or the boss, checking with you about the progress of the task you are working on, for the third time since morning. You can be little annoyed, okay? I control myself to the best extent and say that I will meet the deadline, if I am not dead by that time. I can hear from the other end the phone being put back with a thud, so tell me who is annoyed?
Having burned the midnight oil I had a relatively good stock of materials after going through Journals and published papers by Doctors from the websites. But still not able to finalize the module for the next training schedule, mainly due to the go ahead not received from the client, I was utilizing that time for having a cat-nap expecting a ’ping’ anytime in my mobile. Instead, what I heard was a shrill of the doorbell and by the time I reached the front door it buzzed again. Okay, some urgency expressed by the visitor, fine. Opening the door I found a door-to-door salesman with a fake smile and started his well-rehearsed (or ill-rehearsed) sales pitch selling a kitchen appliance that saves time and eases the process of making a South Indian dish “puttu” without scalding the hands. Of course he greeted me in the beginning but failed to ask me whether I am in need of, fond of or at least forced to prepare those things in the kitchen. I was calm and composed, to the best possible extent mind you, to tell him that I am not interested. No, I was not annoyed.
At times travelling in the city bus, I will be lucky enough to get a seat. Usually I prefer to beat the commuter traffic by opting to travel at an odd hour, but at times I am forced to join the melee. The graying hair (result of self service in dying the hair) gets noticed and some good hearted soul will vacate the seat, though I deny first time. When they insist I take the same thanking him first and then God for that. But later I curse myself for accepting such a generosity. Because within seconds after placing myself in the seat, a backpack of a commuter or a student who opt for travelling by public transport rather than the college bus will unceremoniously get dumped, I mean it, dumped in my lap. There is not even a request to hold the same, neither verbally nor through a gesture. As if one is not enough, the one standing nearby him will also follow suit. I am not sure if it is the same at the ladies section of the bus (usually in the front portion of the buses in India) as well. I simply dump it in the floor of the bus one after the other. No, I will not allow me to be annoyed.
This next one is a classic one and with more and more people go “mobile”, at least a few of you would have experienced the same. Try calling their so called “customer care” for a clarification of a certain service they have charged you in the monthly bill though you have not opted for the same. Never mind about the automated announcement they start with directing you to punch some number one after the other, (thank God, for there are only ten digits in the mobile) may be they want you to reach the right person in the right department. But what state of your mind you will be even after all these ‘punches’ and ‘transferring’ your call to the executive, you will hear not his/her voice, but they orchestrating about their latest package or an award they received recently. Well, I will not be annoyed, for I have to get a clarification from them and wait, patiently till some human voice come on the line. Eventually that happens and you start to state your case. But half way through your narration the ‘executive’ will start talking and give you a solution/explanation not waiting for you to complete your case. With a deliberate control to keep my voice in the usual decibel I politely ask them not to interrupt and continue. Still after a minute it happens again. You should be a Sphinx after the second time not to get annoyed, because of their callous attitude. They are not executives; they are “executioners” of your patience. YES, I will be ANNOYED, and I am not ashamed to say so.
There are other occasions also where I may be forced to the state of ‘being annoyed’ but I will not state them here. You will get annoyed!


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author avatar Rajani venu
23rd Sep 2014 (#)

Madathil, really wonderful......simply superb....

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