Whippi: Our Own Lake Monster,

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Many people enjoy a good legend or monster story. Many believe that these creatures really exist. Creatures like the loch ness monster and Bigfoot gained worldwide fame.


Who doesn't know about the famous loch ness monster in Scotland, or the famous sasquatch known as bigfoot? Okay so not everyone knows about these legendary monsters. However, now it appears Quebec has its own monster to add to the least. The townspeople have been reporting these sightings for years in the Eastern Townships near Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Whippy the legendary monster of Lake Massawippi.

A Quebec innkeeper, Jeff Stafford, owner of the Ripplecove Inn, showed photos of what he claims to be Whippy the legendary monster of Lake Massawippi. It may not be big like Ogopogo, which is the British Columbia famous monster, Canada's claim to fame, but I think he will do. Perhaps it's Ogopogo's son?

Stafford's pictures of this alligator-like creature showed a series of blurry photos of an oddly-shaped-thing floating on top of the water resembling a large crocodile. Stafford states that according to the tourist who gave him the photos, Whippy was 10 feet long, and had its head stuck out of the water for several minutes.

Apparently, there are many stories of monster sightings in these parts. Nearby Lake Memphremagog has "Memphre"; Lake Champlain has "Champ."

Florent Hebert, who's been guiding tours on the lake for 23 years, said he's seen a lot of strange things that he just can't explain. He has been trying to convince people of Whippy's existence, and feels relieved that the photos will prove that he is neither a crazy man, nor a teller of tall tales.


According to scientists, these waters are inhabited by some very large fish. The local fisherman claim to have seen "monster sturgeons" that are more that seven feet long. But Vancouver author John Kirk, specialist in unknown animals, says Stafford's monster could be a form of catfish. It doesn't qualify as a classical lake monster.

Whatever it is, we got em, and now I can tell my grandson some pretty big fish stories.

All photos are taken from the public domain

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author avatar Retired
20th Mar 2015 (#)

Great share!

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author avatar Kingwell
20th Mar 2015 (#)

Good post! I've heard a few stories. Blessings.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
21st Mar 2015 (#)

Such a fascinating legend. Congrats on your star. Well deserved.

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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Mar 2015 (#)

We have lake north of us called bear lake that many say has a monster in it...It makes it kind of fun when you swim there...Great post.

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