Whistling Melodies

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This is an work of pure fiction based on Love, Ghosts, Memory and Faith

Whistling Melodies

Whistling melodiously and jingling keys in his pocket, he walked with brisk steps towards his home. After a day full of exertion, like all men, he sought to seek heaven in his abode. However his expectation always echoed muffled voices of apprehension. A fear of his own mind betraying him was embedded deep within.
His gateway to heaven was a hand-carved door of Honduras mahogany. A sweet smile played on his lips as he remembered the quarrel they had over jarrah and mahogany. Rose preferred jarrah but he stuck to mahogany.
Unlocking the door, he entered. As he expected, a beautiful young woman with twinkling blue eyes awaited his arrival. The room was dimly lit. Seated on an easy chair, she was flipping through a magazine when he came. She moved towards him.
Rose always greeted him with a hug and a soft kiss which drained all his weariness.
“Oh honey”, she said in a relieved manner . “Good you've got dinner from Barbecue. I haven’t cooked anything. There was nothing at home and I couldn't even go to the market because....”
“I know dear”, he said intercepting her speech . “It's ok”, he said holding her hand.”Let's have dinner”. He motioned towards the kitchen on the right.
“But honey”, she said softly. “Why do you lock me in everyday?" He stopped short in his way. He knew the question was coming. He turned and looked at her affectionately. “Coz I don’t want to lose you”, he said in a melancholic voice.”What if you leave me once again?”.
A knowing silence followed as they caressed each other with their eyes with a sense of loving pain. His cell phone rang forcing them out of the enchantment.
“Hello”, he mumbled. “I will talk to you later”, he said in a nervous manner as he recognised the voice on the other end. Disconnecting the line he walked again towards the kitchen fearing the events that were to follow.
“It was sarah, isn’t it?”, Rose said sternly.
He closed his eyes. It was a weight he could not bear with. “I have nothing to do with her dear”, he turned and said persuasively. “She just works with me. I have told you so many times.”
“But you had something to do with her last year. How can I...”, her voice choked. She turned away from him to hide her tears.
“But Rose”, he said moving around to face her. “That was a mistake,” he said ruefully drowning in the pain that tore her apart every day. He held her hands close to his heart. “I love you alone Rose. Why don’t you forgive me”, he said tearfully looking into her eyes.
“I have forgiven you dear”, she said mournfully. “It’s just that .....I can’t endure the pain”. She placed her soft hand on the side of his face. “I wish tomorrow never comes”, he thought to himself as she kissed him on his cheek. He wanted to be lost in the moment forever. They moved closer.
The phone rang again.”Who the hell!”, he said with disgust but it sent a chill down his spine when he saw who was calling.”No”, he said. It was the call he was dreading the most. “I am sorry”, said Rose in a depressed tone. “But you need to face it... Answer the call dear.”
With reluctant hands he put his phone on his ears. It was his mother-in-law on the line.
“Hello”, said his mother-in-law from the other end. “Yes mother”, he responded feebly. “You need to be here at 10am tomorrow. I suppose you remember for what dear?”, asked his mother-in-law but his mind was elsewhere.
Rose was moving away from him. His eyes widened with fear with each step she took. She was waving him goodbye.
“Rose No!”, he begged moving towards her.
“Yes son. Rose.”, said the sorrowful voice on the other end. “Tomorrow is her first death anniversary and we have held a gathering to pray for the peace....”
“I am sorry dear”, said Rose as a teardrop rolled down her cheek. “I couldn't endure the pain.”
“Come back”, he cried desperately reaching his hand out to her but she vanished, like a mist, in thin air .


Ghost, Love, Memory, Spirit

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Jan 2014 (#)

keep on with this...most interesting...

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author avatar Dark-Warrior
8th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks cnwriter

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