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Black people buy their Kentucky Fried Chicken inside the store. White people buy it at the drive through window. So, remember what ethnicity you are, and buy through your race's dedicated distribution channel. So Mr. Specter seems to think anyway...

Complicated furniture need to be labled: "Can be figured out only by white people"

We're still working on getting the wardrobe department organized, and in tandem just about every other room and storage fascility even remotely part of my Magical Movies Studio, as a change in one place demands that things be moved around to other places and they be reorganized and so carries on the chain.

Osborn and Specter are carrying an office table for me to Studio B, where we are dumping a few things for the time being until we have the wardrobe department settled. Then we'll have to start making a plan of organization for over there too.

The office table is one of those simple wooden H-shapes, with a flat table top placed on top of it, fitting little rods screwed into the table top into the footpiece.

So when they put the footpiece down, Specter tries to put the top onto it. But I see he's got it the wrong way around, and the rods won't fit into the holes, so I show him to turn it around.

"Ah yes, these things of the white people; I don't always know how they work", says Specter all apologetically, looking all thumbs with this "complicated" table thing.

"White people things?", I ask him, amused at his view of this office table. "Don't black people also know of tables? What do they use then?"

Specter thinks for a moment, then answers, "They make a plan."

Hee hee, okay then. Osborn playfully pretends to kick Specter on the butt, also finding Specter's culture lesson of both of them's race in comparison with mine very cute.

"Whites buy here. Blacks buy here."

This reminded me of a previous time I was driving around with Specter, and when I wanted to buy us a quick lunch, I turned into the drive-thru lane of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Specter was extremely fascinated. I couldn't tell with what because there was nothing unusual about it.

But afterwards when we got our food and are driving away, he asks me:

"Ohh! So you white people can just order at the window? How cool is that!"

I'm like "........yeah." It turns out Specter, although being completely familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken, never knew that there's an option for those who don't want to get out of the car, to just order at the window. And when he does discover it, he assumes it's for white people only. Lol, oh his assessments of race differences are so cute sometimes.

It's amazing how two people can live together practically every day of their lives, yet the everyday things that one of them takes for granted as just the normal usual non-important cogs of existence, can still seem so new and fresh and advanced and from a different world to the other one.

Such is life on earth; though we occupy the same physical space, we truly are living in myriad worlds.

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