Who Is My Neighbour ?

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This is my adaptation of the story of the Good Samaritan - in poetry form .

The Good Samaritan

A man was journeying from Jerusalem - just any man .
He could have been like you or I - we are not told .
But - as he traveled on his merry way -
He was attacked by a band of thieves .
People - who had no care for who he was -
Nor what his purpose was that day.
They only wanted what he had .
Today it could be money - cars - jewellery .
Anything of value - like a credit card - or mobile phone .
But then - it may have been - fine clothes or wine
Perhaps a donkey - or a bag of gold .
Whatever it had been - they stripped him -
Beat and robbed him
And left him for dead -
With nothing left
When they were done .

And there he was - abandoned
Hurt and broken - desolate - alone - until
Along his path - praise God - there came a priest
Who saw the man - but in alarm - he passed him by
What could he do ? - He could not help
He dare not touch this man - or he would be unclean.
After all - he seemed as good as dead .
So who would know ?
No - he must pass on by
He had a sacrifice to make - of great import
He did not dare be late
He had to go.

Later along the path there came a learned man
A scholar - of the Mosaic law -
He too was far too busy - doing this and that .
So he could not delay -
And - like the priest before
He turned - and went his way .

Then - when all seemed lost - along the path came a Samaritan .
The very word - caused a revulsion - and a frown .
As such were considered less than dung -
The lowest of the low
To the good people of the local town .
Outcasts - of disrepute - impure -
The kind that ' decent ' folk would turn away.

But - as he came upon the broken man
He stopped .
He didn't pass him by - that day .
Instead - he got down on his knees
And lifted up the wounded soul -
And bound his wounds - with oil and wine
And loving care .
And placing him - on his own ride -
He took the man to safety - and a place of rest
Away from danger - far from there.

No matter what it cost - he said .
Spare no expense - just treat him well .
I will return - and so 'til then -
He turned and left - and went his way
A better man .

' Which then is the good neighbour ?'
Jesus asked those standing by .

' the kind and good Samaritan '
Came the obvious reply .

' Well - so be it .
Now go - and you do likewise ' -
Was the Lord's reply.


Today - so many religions can separate and divide
So many cultures - nations - ethnic groups - and tongues .
But we are told that all men are made in the image of the Living God -
And in this small planet we call earth -
Each one could be a neighbour in our lives .
So as we can - let us not judge - by colour - creed - or different tongue -
But be - as Jesus says -
A neighbour to our fellow man.

God bless you

Have a blessed day.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
When you read my poems - you will read my heart - which will always point you to Him.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
20th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you for sharing this heart felt poem with us! You are a very gifted poet and a beautiful person!!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
20th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you Judy .I do my best to be a pen of a ready writer for the Lord with the gift He has lovingly bestowed on me .
God bless you and your loved ones today and always

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

How beautiful The Story ...how lovely the poetry of your heart...

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

Dear Delicia , thank you for your kind words . I get great joy in the gift the Lord has given , as I am sure you do also .
May He bless you abundantly today.

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author avatar LOVERME
23rd Jan 2013 (#)

ur really wonderful a poet par excellence too glad for you

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you LOVERME.
Bless you

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author avatar Terry Trainor
8th Feb 2013 (#)

Nice parable the Samaritan sounds good.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Feb 2013 (#)

This was a well known parable from the Bible to show us how to treat our fellow man . Yes , he was a good man Terry.
Bless you

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