Who Won't Eat, Won't Survive

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Such a beautiful blue-eyed kitten. Marzeus knows the little guy has already stolen his heart. He'll call it Roger.

But what Marzeus is going to do with it, he doesn't know at this time. Walking back home with the dogs, they pass the building that he has made into his artist's studio. And, knowing there isn't much of another option, he takes the kitten therewards.

Who Won't Eat, Won't Survive

Some of the shock seems to have subsided now, and Roger is regaining his composure. He's still shaking a lot as he's standing there on the floor of the studio, even now starting to hiss and hit with its paw at Majesty.

Marzeus wonders if Roger hasn't sustained some injury in the attack, because he doesn't seem to be standing firm. Then again, Roger is still clearly just a few days, maybe a few weeks old and has obviously just had a big shock behind him, so being weak in the knees is to be expected really.

After having gone home and having breakfast, Marzeus and Majesty return to the studio to bring Roger some essentials. Marzeus brought a box of milk, a chicken bone from his supper last night, and, for a lack of any cat food, a tin of soup.

In the studio, there's a weak refrigerator in the shape of a soft drink can, that has been standing there for years. Marzeus wheels it over to a wall socket and plugs it in. It still works! In this he can keep the milk and the soup which he has poured into a plastic container.

After putting together a bed for Roger and three bowls, one for food, one for water and one for milk, the preparations are complete. Roger can have a great time living here until he's grown, and then... well, Marzeus has no idea what then.

Will he keep Roger as a watchcat? It could keep the rats that always infest this building, under control. But it would be sad to think that Roger can never leave this building ever again. Yet out there, the dogs will kill him or people will harm him or vehicles might run him over. Marzeus decides to just let time tell.

Marzeus pours the water and milk in their respective bowls, and puts the chicken bone in the other. In a plastic lid, Marius gathers some sand outside from a pile of building sand at the construction site close by, where Wilhelm the carptenter is renovating a building. He puts the sand next to Roger's bed.

Everything is ready for Roger. Marzeus picks Roger up and brings him to the food, expecting Roger to dig into the milk, for surely he must be thirsty after the ordeal of the morning.

It's no use. Roger doesn't drink, nor eat. Maybe he's not hungry? After trying to get Roger to drink a few times, and Roger showing no interest in the food and drink other than to walk through it, Marzeus decides to leave him with it a bit.

Marzeus and Majesty return later in the day to see how things are going. Roger hasn't touched the food or milk. Marzeus is starting to get a suspicion that Roger is still a suckling.

Inamong all the props in the studio, Marzeus finds a very old miniature glass baby bottle. Perfect, he thinks. He fills it with milk and tries to feed Roger with that. Roger wants to know nothing of it. But Marzeus tries until he thinks Roger might have swallowed a few drops. It's hard to know with a glass bottle, because you cannot squeeze it to get a stream out of it.

Hopefully Roger should be okay now to survive through the night. Marzeus doesn't really know though. If Roger is still a suckling and he barely drank anything all day, he probably won't last much longer.

Marzeus is very sad at the prospect, but he prepares his mind for the possibility of finding Roger deceased in the morning.

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